Lead Magnets That You Need To Know

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Lead Magnets That You Need To Know

As the majority of the people who use the internet have at least an email address that they often use, email is considered to be, if not the best but the most helpful way for digital marketing and email marketing.

Though not all people who have an email address regularly check their inboxes, emails are still an excellent way to build awareness for the visitors or customers of your site.

And lead magnets are among the most valuable tools that a marketer can use to acquire more email subscribers. But unfortunately, lead Magnets are negatively labeled as an alluring bribe to site visitors in exchange for their contact information.

The label may sound cynical, but the primary purpose of using a Lead Magnet is to maximize the number of possible targets that will get an offer.

But there is an essential element that a Lead Magnet should have, and it is “specificity.” Unfortunately, a marketer usually overlooks and tends to forget this necessity.

It is an essential factor – a Lead Magnet doesn’t have to be lengthy and complicated; that kind of Lead Magnet tends to be harder to understand and is useless. So instead, have your lead magnet simple yet full of impact; in this way, more targets can be bribed.

Listed here are seven Lead Magnet Trends to hone your email marketing campaign:

“What type of X are you?”

Understanding Lead Magnets
Understanding Lead Magnets


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Quizzes and surveys. I think everyone is familiar with this kind of Lead Magnet. It often pops up while you’re in the middle of something.

This Lead Magnet Trend might be one of the most common and most entertaining Lead Magnet. It functions both as entertainment and as bait. It usually contains quizzes and surveys for answering, and to view the results, you need to input your email address.

“Free shipping fee on your first purchase.”

Giveaways, Coupons & Offers. Everyone loves free stuff, but as the saying goes, “there is no such thing as free lunch,” so before you could avail of the free stuff that it offers, they either need to subscribe or input an email address.

These deals like coupons and bonuses offer a greater chance of acquiring targets. More goals mean that your Lead Magnet is helpful to your business.

“Join the free 7-Day X Challenge.”

This one is an absolute favorite of those who are up for adventures and challenges and want to try something new. Using a challenge to acquire contact information seems to be very effective.

To join these challenges, they need to either sign up or type in an email address to send the mechanics of the problem. Isn’t it a smart move?

“Free Report: X Traffic Report”

Reports as a Lead Magnet
Reports as a Lead Magnet

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Reports as a Lead Magnet is standard in B2B marketing businesses, but they can still work in various industries.

Offering reports about different things will make it enjoyable. You can collect your data, do some research, and compile everything into one report that you can share. This could also be giving e-books, plans, and presentations.

However, this kind of Lead Magnet doesn’t work quickly as well. Before someone can obtain a copy of the report, they still need to type in the email address.

“Lifetime 20% discount…”

Loyalty programs have been quite famous for people who love to have deals. This kind of Lead Magnet often results in membership and email subscriptions.

This also highlights benefits for members, such as giving them exclusive discounts and priorities when purchasing an item. This entices customers to subscribe to it because of the bargain that they could get.

“Free 30-Day Trial”

This kind of Lead Magnet is usually accessible for software tools or paid applications; you’ve been a target for Lead Magnet without realizing it.

Mainly, software companies would give them a certain number of days for a free trial; this would provide them with the freedom to enjoy the full benefits of the software without paying anything. If you ask why they are doing it, the answer is to have your email address.

But any company is welcome to use this kind of Lead Magnet.

“Get a sneak peek of the same article.”

Examples work well as a lead magnet because people often search for examples they could use as a reference. In this way, without their email address, there will be no full model that they could use.

Clever but valuable, isn’t it?


Email Marketing for Lead Generation
Email Marketing for Lead Generation


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Email Marketing is a popular way to find customers or even find your targeted audience that might be interested in trying your product. Boosting the tools that you use for your campaign can help.

Lead Magnets might have a negative middle name connected to it, but using it isn’t that bad after all. Knowing its purpose can help your email marketing campaign, which is what every marketer wants.

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Lead Magnets That You Need To Know