Keep your Business Secure by Following these Cyber Tips
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Keep your Business Secure by Following these Cyber Tips

Every business is liable to a cyber attack because every industry has data worth something. It is as simple as that. Without data, research and analytics, businesses won’t grow. Digital marketing teams won’t be able to target the right audiences and understand their demographics. Without data reporting, IT support and security teams could not ensure that all systems were functioning as they should be. That is what makes data worth stealing. Below we explain how businesses can be secure in the knowledge that their cyber security is as up-to-date as it needs to be.

Keep your Business Secure by Following these Cyber Tips

Ensure your employees are vigilant

You must ensure your employees are vigilant and know exactly what they are looking for concerning potential cyber-attacks. One simple click of a link and your business could face a catastrophe. It sounds simple and easy to avoid, but you’d be surprised to learn how many cyber attacks have succeeded thanks to phishing and spear phishing emails. Your employees need to be internally and externally vigilant and not click on any links. Always check with the sender first if you know them before clicking on any link or opening any files. If they are in the same office as you, you can quickly shout at them to check that they are, in fact, the sender of said link.

How does phishing work?

In most cases, scammers will send thousands of emails to get a handful of responses. Your email provider automatically filters any questionable content into your spam folder. You should check your email filtering systems now and then to see if anything important has been incorrectly classified. They can sometimes be overzealous, but this is undoubtedly a good thing. If an email tends to end up in the junk folder, it will make the individual opening it look and think twice before clicking on it.

Update your software

Out-of-date software is another door that cybercriminals use to try and get into companies’ systems. For example, suppose a company or organization does not have an IT support team regularly updating plugins and other types of software. In that case, it can open the company up to hackers.

Software needs to be updated because criminals constantly find new ways to infiltrate and bypass security networks. Software and IT security providers must find new ways to block these attackers and develop the software to ensure that businesses are safe. But the developers and security companies can only update the software. If you, as a company, need to update the software regularly, then the same holes in your security network that were there before will still be there. If you do anything today, ensure that your IT security software and passwords are constantly updated. You may not think your business and data would be a target, but cyber criminals and hackers will go after pretty much anything they can access.

Choose strong passwords

Again, this seems simple, but it is astonishing how many people choose simple passwords that even inexperienced hackers can get into. Pet names, maiden names, and even schools are apparent to guess. One of the most easily guessed passwords is, in fact, ‘password.’ It might seem witty at the time, and you think no one will guess it, but it is one of the most easily guessed passwords.

Many password management tools and IT security experts recommend that your password be at least ten characters and contain special characters, letters, and numbers. It might seem like a pain because you will have to try and remember it all the time, but some tools remember your passwords for you. As long as you remember your master password, all your other log in details for various websites are safe. So whether you are an agency, a freelancer, or a large organization, your password management levels need to be on top of their game.

Rely on the experts for cyber security help

Ultimately, IT security and support companies boast a skillset that others don’t possess. So, they are heavily relied upon to keep organizations safe. Dotted all around the UK, there are plenty of experts who can keep employees and companies safe. However, the East Midlands, in particular, plays host to some of the most well-renowned experts in the industry. This is because the Midlands is in the heart of the UK, meaning that small and large businesses around the country can quickly get to the area. Derby, in particular, plays host to well-established IT security companies. One recommendation for businesses in and around that area is to get Cyber security help from Neuways concerning password security and keeping employees alert regarding phishing attacks.

So now you know what to do to keep your data safe. Whether an extensive database or minor, it is confidential, private, and integral to your business. Just be careful and vigilant; otherwise, you could face a considerable fine or loss of data. So they go hand in hand in terms of the dire consequences that you could be facing!

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