It was Never about Building Websites – Why Intent, SEO, and Accessibility Matter

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It was Never about Building Websites - Why Intent, SEO and Accessibility Matter?

We aim to help our clients create brand awareness with digital marketing for greater success. We do this by understanding your target audience and their intent and delivering a user experience that keeps their customers wanting more.

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It was Never about Building Websites

We built our first website somewhere around 1997-1998. We built the website to convey information about our company to others in our industry. The website was simply the vehicle for that sort of marketing. It was one piece in a larger marketing strategy.

Since then, we’ve wandered down many roads – entrepreneur, adviser, coach, and yes – web developer. But we’ve never strayed from focusing on what we wanted the customer or prospect to do and the best tools available to increase the likelihood that the reader would heed our Call to Action.

We built Yahoo Groups, switched to MySpace, and even drank the Facebook Kool-Aid. We made links, played with SEO – White Hat, of course – and a host of other buzzwords – In Bound Marketing, Content Marketing, Mail Chimp, Adwords, Keywords, PPC, and so on…  But one thing remained constant – the desired action we wanted the user to make was – buy, read, join, etc. And that was always the bottom line of any campaign.

It was never about building websites.

Today, we call it Digital Media Strategies. Our job is to help our customers find the best vehicle to deliver a user experience with the greatest chance of responding to a Call to Action. We do this by focusing on honest, in-depth solutions beyond the surface trends. Instead, we address the key strategic challenges behind developing a profitable and sustainable media campaign in a digital world.

“Too many companies take a reactionary approach to social media, pouring resources into the ‘next big thing’ that’s already happened. Instead, it’s better to develop a comprehensive digital media strategy that targets the right social platforms, customers, and disruptions and addresses the necessity of remaining flexible and responding to criticism.” 

How to Get Started Building a Digital Media Strategy

Why is our focus on Intent, SEO, and Accessibility?

Most search begins with a pain point. Something the user is trying to solve. For example, they are hungry (pain point). So, they go online looking for a solution (intent). They may type in something like “pizza near me.” Google then considers keywords such as “pizza” and matches them with information such as their location and past preferences to deliver the most relevant search engine response to their inquiry. If we have done a good job, we have developed search-friendly and local content to increase our customer’s likelihood of ranking on Google (SEO).

Lastly, we understand that not all searchers can access websites with flashing images, video streaming, vast color palettes, and other enhancements we develop to make the site’s aesthetics more interesting. One in five users has some limitations preventing them from accessing most sites. Visual impairment or hearing loss may impact the user’s experience. Rather than ignoring 20% of the population, we offer tools to accommodate their needs (accessibility). It’s just good business!

Industries Most Impacted by Web Accessibility Lawsuits

Continually Learning from Our Mistakes

Given most businesses’ resources and time constraints, entrepreneurs in this environment constantly seek ways to engage with their clients more efficiently. To compete in today’s markets effectively, growing businesses need access to the same breadth and depth of digital services traditionally accessible only to larger business organizations.

We’ve been there, done that. We’ve launched successful ventures and created a few whoppers along the way. But we’ve learned from our mistakes, and we pass that on to you.

Often, small actions can set your company apart from the competition. We help you think beyond dollars and cents to what you can offer your customers: Why would someone want to buy from you? What is your key differentiation in the competitive landscape? Do you have a defensible position? What can you learn from your competitors?

We leverage our business, operational, and technical experience and insight on behalf of our clients. Our team adds vision, strategy, and hands-on efforts to position our clients for long-term success.

Our Services

  • Build – Whether you have a small or large business, we design scalable digital solutions for small catalogs or thousands of products. So if you are looking for easy-to-manage Digital Marketing solutions with superb functionality, look no further because we’ve got you covered.
  • Grow – Inbound Marketing & Communication Strategies are about filling the funnel – driving traffic to your site. You have spent the time and money to build a great website. Now we want to tell the world to come to visit. So how do we engage your target audience? Are they on Facebook? Are they tweeting? Or are we talking about a good old newsletter? Sometimes, we don’t know. So we try different tactics, and we measure the response. We call this A/B testing. The Growth Effort focuses on helping our clients “reach” their target audience with brand messages via content marketing, display, and other tactics.
  • Convert – You’ve built the site, launched the store, and have plenty of visitors – but no sales. How do you convert your visitors into customers?

Understanding eCommerce is committed to helping startups, local businesses, and service providers achieve greater online visibility to generate leads and grow their businesses. Our team of trained experts in Search Engine Optimization SEO helps optimize online content and use Google products such as Google Maps and Google My Business to increase traffic to your business.

Our team will work with you one-on-one to clearly understand the goals of your business.

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