Is Video Editing Necessary To Learn For Digital Marketing?

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Is Video Editing Necessary To Learn For Digital Marketing?

With videos becoming more engaging and powerful by the day, many innovative and reputed brands are turning towards video marketing. As a result, video marketing is a vital part of digital marketing, prompting 86% of businesses to rely on this medium for marketing their products and services. And, with online videos being projected to comprise over 82% of the global internet traffic, we can only expect the golden period of video-based digital marketing to continue.

If you want to scale up your digital marketing efforts, choosing the best free video editor is imperative. The best video editor can simplify video creation and make it marketable and enticing. It also gives your video marketing efforts the professional edge it needs to succeed. 

This article discusses the top benefits of learning video editing for scaling up your digital marketing efforts and the scope. 

Digital Marketing – The Basics

Simply put, digital marketing refers to marketing using the internet. Although it is not too different from conventional selling and marketing, the scope of digital marketing is much higher than conventional media channels. For example, you can market your products or services to a global audience and receive payments from anywhere around the world. 

Although digital marketing is easy, you need to consider various factors like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Copywriting, Storyboarding, social media advertising, ad formats, and many more. Top digital marketers generally choose social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the likes, to share their videos and attract potential clients. They also rely on email marketing to direct customers to its website for completing the purchase.

You may consider digital marketing, of which video marketing is a part, as a mammoth entity that enables business owners to experiment and reach the audience that matters. From bite-sized video ads to product videos, from Instagram story ads to YouTube videos, the industry offers you a host of opportunities for trying out the best method to get customers. 

Let us now understand why video editing is crucial for ramping up your digital marketing campaigns.

The Top Benefits of Video Editing For Digital Marketing

Here are the top benefits of video editing, prompting businesses to invest heavily in these techniques and ramp up their digital marketing efforts:

Better Retention of Information and Targeted Marketing 

A properly edited video captures customer attention and helps you market your products or services better. And, the fact that people retain a whopping 95% of a message when watching a video and only 10% when reading a text further elicits the benefits of a properly edited video.

As a digital marketer willing to engage the customers, you must turn to proper video editing. A high-quality video captures the audience’s attention within the first ten (10) seconds. Hence, you must consider this fact while editing and designing your video.  

Fortunately, these free video editors let you trim, modify, add music, images & text to glorify the content and entice the audience to stay beyond the critical ten seconds.  

You Can Learn Video Editing Quickly and Conveniently

So, you recognize that creating good videos is a necessity for digital marketing. However, do you worry about the time it will take or the professional expertise you need to edit videos? If you said ‘Yes,’ worry no more, as the best video editing platforms make your task super easy.

Top-class video editing platforms provide free resources and blogs to help you learn video editing and edit like a pro. You can create a free account and play with the templates, add music and images, and control the timeline to shorten or lengthen the video. Also, you may add effects, transitions, and animation to check the output and modify if needed. 

A best-in-class video editing software will surely make you declare that this is the best free video editing software.’ It offers an intuitive interface and increases your excitement to produce a masterpiece. 

Ensure that you show your final output (read, video) to your friends and relatives to get honest feedback. The more you improvise, the better the following videos will be until the time arrives when people will appreciate everything you post and stay loyal to your brand.  

Edit From Anywhere, Anytime 

Video editors nowadays offer cloud access and storage facilities. You can open the platform from any part of the world and use all features to edit videos seamlessly. 

The cloud access facility reduces your dependence on physical memory. You can conveniently edit and save your videos on the free/ paid cloud storage at any stage and save it for future use. 

The cloud access feature, coupled with easy shareability, can take the convenience of editing one step further. Hence, video editing in the modern age is simpler and more effective than before. 

Outsource Editing If You Need Expert Advice

Top video editing platforms provide the option of purchasing their business or premium plans to sharpen your professional approach. While you can certainly try out their free plans, you may switch to the premium mode with just one click.

Generally, all reputed video editing platforms let you access all standard media, transitions, effects, and animation for free. However, the free version often includes a watermark in your videos. If you want to remove the watermark, it is wise to purchase the premium plan. 

Luckily, business or premium plans start from as low as US$ 15 per month, and you may get discounts on extended plans. However, as a rule of thumb, you must try editing by yourself until you feel the need for a little push to achieve the desired impact before making a purchase decision. 

Which is the Best Way to Learn Video Editing?

You can learn video editing in two ways – through paid programs or free blogs and articles. 

Various brick-and-mortar educational institutions offer short-term video editing courses. Alternatively, you may download educational apps and enroll in a video editing course. 

However, if you do not want to spend a fortune on video editing courses, online video editing platforms can offer you solace. Top-class video editing platforms publish blogs and articles to help you learn and sharpen your creative skills. And, if you want to practice, these platforms give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent and produce masterpieces. 


Video marketing is a proven way to scale up your digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing is a potent means of connecting with the audience by being where the audience is. A study by Wyzowl found that of all video types, explainer videos, social media videos, presentation videos, sales videos, and video ads are the most impactful.

Hence, if you are willing to improve your digital marketing prospects, learning video editing is the best thing to do.  

Is Video Editing Necessary To Learn For Digital Marketing?