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Introducing eCommerce to your App Development Business

Planning to Indulge E-commerce in Android Marketing? Know the Pros and Cons!

For most of the businesses and app development companies worldwide owning a brick and mortar store, digging up the e-commerce system potentials may seem exciting. But more than half of it venture into it without proper comprehending of concepts and related pros and cons. Here we list the prominent pros and cons of introducing E-commerce to Android device marketing.

Introducing eCommerce to your App Development Business

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But before we list out the various pros and cons, it is important to get a complete understanding of E-commerce.

E-commerce – What You Need to Know!

E-commerce refers to any business where selling and buying occur online. There are innumerable e-commerce outfits available on the web. But in the digital era, eBay and Amazon are the two most dominating retailers on the internet.

The E-commerce market has expanded tremendously since the early days of eBay and Amazon. According to a research, almost 90% of people shop online and consider online shopping ad important aspect of their buying character. Other than this, there can be an astronomical boost in online shopping attributed to numerous factors. Increase in technology is a major factor that supports shopping online.

Other than this, the other factors are increased reliance on flexibility offered by mobile devices, specifically Android.

E-commerce makes overall shopping experience wonderful and rich. With a single mouse click or tap of the button, you can easily purchase a product you desire, and it must be delivered directly to your doorstep. No surprise, the e-commerce market is presently valued at billions of dollars and forecasted to increase even higher in the future time.

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Though e-commerce may appear a lucrative venture, there are certain rules that guide it. But, it has weaknesses and strength. It is important that a business or app development company planning e-commerce establishment is absolutely aware of it.

Below are cons and pros of e-commerce for Android Marketing!


  1. Reach Out to More Customers

The core benefit of e-commerce store for companies worldwide and businesses belonging to distinct niches are that they can reach out to more customers.

With brick and mortar establishments, you can market to local and offline people only who pass by. But with e-commerce stores, you can serve your offerings outside geographical restrictions. E-commerce enables you to market as well as sell to anyone where you can ship the products.

E-commerce business tremendously enhances customer base. Ventures that enter into an e-commerce industry can increase their customer base and earn more amount of measurable revenue.

  1. You are Always Available for Service

Another great thing about e-commerce store is that it works 24 x 7. There is no closing or opening time.

You can attend customers even at 3 am. It is because they just have to browse on the web to search for a relevant product, visit the site, and make an adequate purchase. Being a developer or business owner you need to succeed in selling products without actually paying to anyone who needs to manage it day and night.

  1. Reduced Cost

It is possible to reduce the cost of demand as well as supply side. For an app developer or business owner, he doesn’t have to spend much to manage the store’s staff and run registers.


When it is about e-commerce, everything is automated. On demand side, the clients will never physically walk down or drive to your store to purchase. They want everything to be done from the comfort of your home.

With an e-commerce branch added to your established brick and mortar business seems like an excellent idea. But just like other things, even it has certain disadvantages. So, here are some of the prominent disadvantages of e-commerce for app development companies.


  1. Security Issues

One prominent disadvantage of e-commerce is that it can lead to security concerns. A large number of people release their debit and credit card information to online sources for good reasons. The reality is increased incidents of online fraud and scam has grown immensely, especially with an upsurge of e-commerce business.

There are numerous such cases noticed where innocent shoppers have been in danger for a substantial amount of their money. This has made numerous online merchants to adopt a more strict security system and encrypted software to stay protected against fraud.

Final Words

While there are other shortcomings of introducing e-commerce to your app development business, they are but surpassed with its benefits.

Before you make a final decision whether to incorporate an e-commerce store to your business or not, do consider the business goals and relevancy of an e-store in to realize these goals. There are no defined right or wrong choices when it is about deciding the business future, as every step counts. You only have to consider the goals of your company, relevancy, business plan that can add to the already established business, and then decide on the final answer.

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Introducing eCommerce to your App Development Business


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