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The Best Forms of Internet Support at different Stages of the Customer Journey

An excellent customer experience throughout the venture includes direction, guidance, and support. Customers should be presented with specific data, yet they need to feel in charge of their choices or decisions they make and must get help quickly whenever required. Help can come in various ways at various phases of the customer journey, and choosing the correct type of support can have an immense effect on customer experience. The complete journey ranging from discovery to customer achievement includes a few diverse touchpoints that call for various tools and procedures. Every solution is intended to address a particular circumstance. However, the same solution utilized at an inappropriate time can get inimical experience as well. Let’s review some of the best and most effective ways for each phase of the dynamic procedure.

Providing solutions to potential issues

Even before a new customer searches for information about a particular application, they may be looking for general details regarding an issue they need to figure out. At this point, potential customers need helpful tips to fix a particular problem that they have and that is related to the product or service. This type of assistance usually is not customized and comes in the form of articles, digital books, or audio/visual recordings. Most of the content is produced to provide support or make mindfulness and instruct customers about a specific feeble zone and direct users to a particular solution. This type of help represents the first point of contact between a client and a brand. It would make a positive image, particularly if the information is helpful and focuses on the actual problem.

Live Chats to address the visitor individually.

Live chats are present in nearly all websites nowadays. It is used to indicate to visitors that someone is always available there for help on the other end. It is utilized by customers who are actively seeking help. It proves to be the first personal interaction between the user and the company unless it is taken care of by a robot. Visitors are usually attracted by automatic pop-up messages as it engages the visitors. This, in turn, results in higher conversions and an excellent experience later on. However, it could have some drawbacks as well, for instance, if the user is not sure who he is talking to, a chatbot or a real human. This could be due to similar messages always coming in different parts of the site. This chat can be used in different areas to provide users with relevant information regarding a new product or an update they might be interested in.

Before making a final decision, people prefer to look for additional details online, and it could be in the form of short videos, infographics, charts, or slides. Most of these questions can be answered via live chat or other website pages, such as FAQs.

Onscreen Onboarding

The onboarding phase is the most crucial aspect of the journey. When a prospect chooses to go for a free trial, you have to persuade them that your answer addresses the issue they’re looking for and lets the client move the initial steps towards the product. A fair onboarding process has long-haul repercussions on actuation, commitment, conversions, and retention. It is also believed that the quicker the first interaction with the product happens, the smoother will be the overall experience. Clients must interact with all the essential features of the product in the right format for better results. In simple words, onboarding new users are the guidance on each step for the setup.

Justifying a decision and feedback

Clients should feel like they are moving in the right direction, and the last step often makes them collect considerably more information to justify their decision ultimately. At this point, they might contact the company, but it would be way better if the company gets in contact with the client on its own to make sure everything is perfect. This could be done using live chats, emails, or through a phone call. Additionally, implementing feedback or surveys at this stage could further enhance the engagement. Hence, communicating is very important to ensure that the relationship has begun in the best possible way.


Anything can go wrong, even in the most beautiful relationships. There needs to be a mechanism for businesses to obtain help tickets to help with any issues arising. With most companies, the process of support is quite painful as help is all about self-support. A few big companies are trying to transform the meaning of customer support; for example, spectrum internet customer service has been investing a lot in their customer care lately to make their customer’s experience as better as possible.

Summing up

In this modern digitized era, everybody knows the importance of customer experience, and all big companies are in the race of winning it by all means. Excellent customer service truly defines and can either build or even break your business. Therefore, if you’re looking to give your customers an everlasting impression of your business, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above.

Internet Support for the Customer Journey

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