Internet of Things (IoT) Trends of 2020
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Internet of Things (IoT) Trends of 2020

Be Amazed by these Innovative Internet of Things (IoT) Trends of 2020

A lot of you may not know about the IoT trends, so let us first understand its meaning. In simple words, loT stands for the “Internet of Things.” It refers to the arrangement where digital machines are connected and can transfer the data amongst themselves. That means it does not require any human-to-human or human-to-computer communication. To small video games to huge factory equipment, there are a lot of things evolving due to the advent of the internet. If you think you have seen a lot about the magic of the internet, you will be amazed by this 4.0 version. There are many things that are coming your way with this aspiring new year. Also, there are many IoT platform companies that are driving their niche further for flexible human experience.

Buckle your mind’s seat belt, we are taking you on a journey into IoT trends where everything is beyond expectations. Scroll down to know more!

Smart Mirrors are No More a Dream

Yes, we know you have not heard this before, but the truth is now you will be able to see the weather updates, access calendars, watch the news, all with the help of smart mirror software. You can also add your internet mates like voice assistant or Alexa to this mirror.

The surprising part is that you can add your own customized mirror anywhere at home. This technology is not at all expensive, you just need to enhance your technical and creative skills. With extensive knowledge of advanced algorithms, you can easily establish this mirror on your own. The best part is you can also see yourself like in a glass mirror.

What If Your Voice Assistant can Talk with You in Your Language?

We can barely speak two to three languages, but this is not the case with the virtual assistants as they are now able to converse in multiple languages. Also, Google Assistant has recently turned into the first multilingual voice assistant.

You might not know this, but Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world apart from English. Adding multi-language features in a voice assistant can be a complex task, however, with the internet thriving every year it seems like anything is possible now. By adding this feature, you can see human touch in internet communication.

Normal Wearables are History

Wearables have come a long way from simple fitness trackers. They are now smaller, sophisticated, lighter and more powerful devices. You are going to get appealing as well as attractive wearables.

Have you ever imagined about monitoring your health in a tiny device? Now it is possible with the modernized wearables. You will get the health-related notification on your smartphone.

To survive the modern market, technology is blending into innovative devices with smart user care practices. As you can wear many things on the wrist, Apple is now focusing on building wrist brands for a competitive market. Even if you are not a fitness freak, your wearables will have all the smart-tech features.

Enter the World of Smart Homes

The IoT solutions are taking its highest leap into various industrial domains. You are going to witness something really fancy in the real estate sector at the end of 2020. Today, there are only 26% of consumers who own smart devices, this number will increase by 80% in the coming years.

When comes to smart homes, they are likely to get a more vibrant and dynamic tactility. This technologically superior concept will let the customer function easily with their homes.

The day is not far when the customers would do real-time interaction in transforming their homes with just one touch. The main purpose here is to simplify the living by developing comfort, cost, energy-saving, and more importantly awareness with smart devices.

Don’t know Driving? No worries with Self-driving Cars

Self-driving cars are certainly the biggest ever gift of technology in the arising years. The way you will deploy the autonomous cars, they will take you around in the same way. Though driverless technology is in the testing phase, partially automated cars will be seen on your roads in the near future.

BMW7 series already have partially automated features like automated parking and highly-automated handling. Driverless technology will make a huge impact on our lives. The manufacturers have to strive hard to make this dream a reality as there are many technical as well as ethical threats pertaining to this technology.

Ever Thought About Flying Taxi? Witness Now!

If you are reading lots of articles or watching tech videos, you might know about the flying taxi. Well, it is confirmed that the flying taxi will be seen in your city one or the other day. The startup named Volocopter showcased its air taxi at Mercedes Benz Museum. The future of the automobile is amazing and the same can be said about flying taxi.

Phones With Flexible Display

We are already experiencing advancement is a phone display. For years, the display is considered a flat piece of glass and plastic, but now the flexible display will have better quality as well as complete flexibility. The flexible display is a breakthrough that will change the entire functionality and usage of smartphones.

Protect Your Data with the Edge Computing System

Edge computing is another legacy of IoT devices. With this system, the devices will be able to transfer the data in a closer device rather than sharing with data centers or Cloud infrastructure. Processing the data closer to its location prevents data loss.  Data processing can be done by IoT endpoints and also some amount of the data is sent to central processing in corporate data centers or cloud-based systems.

Observe the Power of 5G

We are entering a revolutionary era where things are changing with each pause. The telecommunication and network industry both are transforming without any doubts. The next generation of connectivity will completely replace today’s 4G LTE connection.

5G well-known as mmWave is a high-band spectrum that would deliver lightning speed up to 10 gigabytes per second with minimal latency. With the introduction of 5G, you will notice a new world where human interaction will reach a new level.

Sensor Innovation in Various Industries

Sensor innovation is making its mark in various industries such as medicines, retail, hospitality, health and wellness, automobile, food, and beverages. According to one survey, it is stated that wearable medical devices are expected to touch $14 Billion at the end of 2024. Sensors offer real-time accurate and secure data monitoring and give detailed insights into information with advanced processing.

Final Words

IoT is transforming the meaning of technology in various industries. Also, many IoT service providers are making efforts to making human-centric technology. We hope the above-given innovations ideas in IoT will not just amaze you but also provide lots of information concerning far-reaching and modernized world.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Trends of 2020

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