Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures
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Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures

Instagram- the platform with 1 Billion active users in a month! This huge conversion rate is always intriguing for any marketing enthusiast. It’s fair to say that most youth and teenagers have found a profound interest in the Instagram platform when it comes to social media. On average, every user spends almost 53 minutes on Instagram in a span of 24 hours. It sits just next to Facebook.

Most people and marketing minds have already considered Instagram as a great place to explore. With a verified account from brands and social media Influencers, many people have found a way to trust Instagram sources. In just 10 months, this social media platform has grown over 10 times with its number.

For brands and businesses, there’s some good news as well. On average, every post on Instagram comes with at least 10.7 hashtags. With more options, posts on Instagram have better growth and outreach to people.

If you’re looking for the best way to reach out to people on this platform, these amazing Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures are just here for you. You can look at these stats and figures to create an idea of how to approach while marketing on this platform. We have this really cool infographic for you that will make your task much simpler.

Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures [Infographic 2021]

Interesting Instagram Facts And Figures [Infographic 2021]

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