Instagram Stories: Adapting to Changing Environment

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Stories provide a full-screen immersive experience with attractive features such as question stickers and polls to harness the engagement and not mention their vital role in elevating the visual content strategy. Instagram itself pushes brands and users to hop on the stories bandwagon – developing Instagram strategies is a need of the hour as 500 million people post stories every day, and 62% of people on Instagram become more interested in the brand after seeing it on Instagram. Here is an in-depth guide, helping you select and implement the right strategy of Instagram stories and how to get on the explore page.

How to check my Instagram story views?

Checking who and when someone has watched the story you posted is easy as pie. All it takes a few seconds to know the up-to-the-second analytics.

  • When you use Instagram on the app, click it on the story icon shown in the top right corner.
    The view counts of the story are visible in the bottom right corner.
  • To know who has viewed the story, swipe up, and the list of users will pop up.
    Influencers or celebrities with business or creator accounts can tap the graph icon to see the insight graph.
  • As you know, the stories last 24 hours, but the list of viewers stays visible for 48 hours and the Insight graph for more than 14 days.

Setting up Instagram stories ads.

Setting up Instagram stories ad is like setting up other Insta ads. First, connect the profile with the

  • Facebook business page and then follow the following steps to get started.
  • By using Facebook ad manager, create an ad in a new campaign.
  • Select the objectives ranging from limited to reach; mobile app installs, video views, and traffic.
  • When you have identified the campaign’s motto and given it a name, the next most important step is identifying the audience and creating your custom audience.
  • After defining the audience, the next step is ‘selecting Instagram stories ‘under edit placements.
  • Now choose either a single image or single video format.
  • The last step is uploading the image or video and preview to ensure your spaces are correct. Finally, be sure to check the call-to-action factor based on the goal you intend to achieve from the campaign.

Can I add a hashtag to my Instagram story?

You can add a hashtag in two ways; use a hashtag sticker or regular text. In either way, adding a hashtag to your stories is the best way to spread your message to a broader audience because it is selected by Instagram itself to appear on the page for that hashtag. Instagram suggests popular hashtags to get you going but remember the maximum limit to add hashtags to your stories is ten which you can wisely use by shrinking them down or putting them behind stickers. It is good to give the audience uncluttered vibes by shrinking, stacking, or hiding the hashtags behind Instagram story stickers.

Can I add a location to my Instagram stories?

Adding location has the potential to expand the reach of the story to many folds. Many businesses have a location page that users conveniently find by tapping a hashtag or searching it on the explore page. To add a location to your Instagram stories, tap the sticker icon appearing at the top of the screen. Press on the location sticker and add a preferred location from there. It is always good to compliment your story vibes and for that, consider adjusting stickers’ color and size. Tap the location tab when you want to change the look of the location.

What type of Instagram stories business should try?

Stories, innovative quirks, and sequential format help various companies grow Instagram followers and achieve the business goal in a comparatively shorter period.

Sharing user-generated content dedicated to followers will foster engagement. Stories are fantastic in this regard, especially if you do not want UGC to dominate your main feed. It also encourages your followers that their valuable shout-outs do not go wasted.
Many brands tend to post stories off-the-cuff ad it can be anything from industry conferences to attending public events because Instagram stories do not have to be polished and planned all the time. However, behind-the-scenes stories have always been excellent in terms of taking followers along the ride.

Stories have been more effective when you need to make an important announcement or disclose any time-sensitive offers. Many businesses use stories to show limited-time deals and sales so followers can get benefited.

Stories’ sequential format is excellent as they allow you to share lengthy yet exciting tutorials, step by step, or how-to content, which has been attention-grabbing for most Instagram users. Big brands like Samsung identify the need for an hour to harness engagement and build a cohesive relationship with followers.

Instagram Stories: Adapting to Changing Environment

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