Instagram Content Performance: 3 Simple Ways To Success

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Instagram is recognized as the best photo-sharing network. The network contains over a billion active users every month. For every business and brand, it’s the perfect platform to get their target audience.

If your audience is young ones between 15 and 25, this platform is a great pick. You want to bring compelling content to set your existing customers and also to attract new fans. Not only to engage these audiences on the platform, but you also need to understand how to use various data to build your content performance on Instagram. Here we can see three simple ways to spark your content performance using data.

Develop Your Instagram Postings Through Measuring Crucial Metrics

Instagram contains an in-built analytic tool known as Instagram insights. Using this tool, you could get various data on content, engagement rate, and audience demographics.

In simple words, this tremendous tool helps in monitoring your marketing efforts performance and to know the exact points to develop. Another crucial element of insights to track regularly is the competitor’s post, engagements, and post type that increase engagement.

Here, we can see how you could obtain Instagram analytics insights and develop your content performance on the platform.

  • You might know that the people’s image in a studio receives more engagement than regular images. So you should bring out your most attractive photos and add a perfect CTA option in the description part.
  • Also, you know that UGC is the most engaging content on the platform. So you want to make use of this content type extremely. With massive engagement, Instagram rewards you more through delivering your content to many audiences.
  • Video content performs more than every post. So you can start bringing a branded hashtag on this post type.

Generally, there is an excess of possibilities to track and use every insight you acquire from your content. Also, you could get data to your story contents on Instagram, such as impressions, replies, and exits that helps you to grab better story contents on Instagram. Many online tools are available for free to help you if you feel troubled in posting story content regularly. Though tools help you more, you could gain abundant views for your Instagram stories if you use Instagram insights correctly.

You could get the Instagram insights tool by clicking the menu option from your profile on Instagram. Then, click on the insights option in the pop-up list. Also, there are many third-party tools to analyze the deep analytics of your post-performance.

Develop Your Profile Discoverability Through Hashtags

Have you heard about hashtags on Instagram? Here, we can discuss every part of hashtags. Let’s move. Using hashtags on Instagram helps your brand more when handling it correctly and a crucial part of your Instagram content strategy.

Growing followers through hashtags would be easy if you help your fans and give them the exact content they need. If your brand does not focus on the right objectives, you may be worthless to bring your efforts on Instagram hashtags.

Many brands realize that bringing 30 hashtags to their every post takes them up. A great way to gain hashtag success is to monitor what works perfectly. Using various data, you could find the exact balance of hashtags to your profile and how every hashtag brings your profile success. 

The platform uses hashtags to classify the content. In simple words, like you are organizing papers or files in your workstation. You would keep papers in the folders and folders in the specific cabinet. Here, Instagram posts are the papers, and hashtags are the folders. Most of the post goes unseen, but the right hashtags boost your post discoverability. You want to know the trendy and primary hashtags that your target audience is using. Researching and getting the best hashtags for your profile is the immediate priority.

Develop Your Post Publishing Time Depends On Your Industry research

If you get a lot of valuable data using the analytics tool on Instagram, you could utilize it to get the best time to upload your content on Instagram. And also, there is not a single best time to upload posts on the platform, so you could get your best uploading times using analytics on Instagram.

If you use Instagram analytics frequently, you could tell the best times and days your fans are most active on Instagram. Also, you could get the average time they are on Instagram.

If your target audience is active between 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays and more active on the weekends, you can upload your content in these peak hours to gain more fans and engagements. And also, you can pick the off-peak hours because of less competition from your competitor’s feeds. For better results, work with both options to get what works perfectly.

Summing Up

Instagram is the perfect platform for interacting with your existing followers and gaining new fans. So, every brand success on the platform goes behind uploading stunning picture posts. 

You should monitor your content strategy on the platform to bring out the best. Data from the tool helps you understand more about your fans, the content types they require, and how to bring your profile discoverability. Use every piece of information to build your content strategy on Instagram.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience delivering engaging content.

Instagram Content Performance: 3 Simple Ways To Success

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