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Increase Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Store with Cool Checkout Tricks

Your website looks stunning, navigation is great and it is performing pretty well online, so far everything is fine and the world is once again a peaceful place. But wait! Did you check the number of visitors get converted this month in the analytics account? If not, do check now.

Welcome to the imperfect world of reality. Don’t get too surprised, because you are not the one and only person in this vast universe facing this weird problem. There are literally hundreds and thousands of e-commerce websites out there struggling to convert visitors into customers.

Now, don’t bang your head against the desk in sheer desperation if you are unable to pinpoint the problem. This is definitely not going to solve the problem. Rather take a deeper look at the ‘Checkout’ process on your eCommerce website.

Don’t have any idea where to start? Well then, follow the tips and you will get to know what is wrong with your ‘Checkout’ process –

Feature a Progress Bar

Don’t keep your visitors in the dark about the number of steps they need to complete in order to make the purchase. Let’s be honest; even if the ‘Checkout’ process involves 30 steps, make people aware of that. There is no such best practice to make people aware of the remaining steps in a ‘Checkout’ process. However, it is a common practice to feature to highlight the current step and grey out the remaining steps. Please do not try to play smart here.

Do Not Bore Them

Yes, it kills me when I have to answer the same question over and over in a ‘Checkout’ process. Do not take your customers for granted. If you keep nagging them with silly and repetitive questions, they will not be going put up with it and leave the checkout process in the middle. So, unless you do not mind losing your customers, you can always badger them to death by asking the same question over and over again.

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Simplify Their Job

If the ‘Checkout’ process requires the visitor to put the same information twice, don’t feel guilty. There is a smart way to make it feel less irritating. You can allow people to copy previous details. Like, if a customer has already filled out the billing address, allow him/her to copy the same information in the shipping address field with a single click.

Eliminate All the Distractions

Make sure that there is no distraction in the ‘Checkout’ process. Visitors need to focus only on completing the ‘Checkout’ process. Upselling is great but does not go overboard with it. Let them make the payment first before you encourage them to purchase other products.

Make the Error Messages Appear Cool

It is natural for normal human beings to make mistakes and as we make them quite often, you need to be polite when pointing out the errors. Don’t use a phrase like – ‘Incorrect Input’ as it may sound a bit rude. You need to show an error message like this – ‘Please Re-enter Your Zip Code’ if anyone puts invalid Zip Code.

Do Not Ask Them to Re-enter All the Information

As I have said before that people make mistakes all the time and they will continue to do so in near future. So, you have to accept this. Having said that, I would like to request to you not to make the visitors fill out the same form if they put wrong information in a field. Preserve the information provided by them, as it will save them from going through the same grinding process of filling out the long and boring form. There is a very high chance that the visitors may bounce off the page if you ignore this crucial thing.

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Give a breakdown of the pricing; try to mention the actual price of the product, shipping cost, sales tax etc. If this is not possible, try to give an approx idea. No one is going to buy a product unless you mention in simple English how much it is actually going to cost.

Eliminate Confusion

You will get enough opportunities to show your creative side. So, please try an restrain your creative impulse while showing shipping cost. Don’t try to charge extra by applying some complex formulae that may go over the heads of customers.

Offering Something FREE

If your business can afford it, you can offer ‘Free Shipping’ to customers for an order above a certain amount. It will give a huge boost to conversion.

Delivery Method

You have to be specific about the delivery method and if possible try to give a transaction number or something so that the customers can keep a track on the progress. It makes people frustrated if they have no idea about where the product is even after paying dearly for that.

Multiple Payment Options

If you accept only one payment option, you are just killing all the business opportunities. To make the most of the eCommerce platform, you have to offer as many payment options as possible and display these payment options in the checkout process so that customers have the peace of mind that they are not going to face any trouble while making the payment.

Flexible Payment Option

If the amount is large, you can offer the customers to pay in installment. This is a huge conversion booster.

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Increase Conversion Rate of Your eCommerce Store with Cool Checkout Tricks

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