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You have spent the time and money to build a great site, now we want to tell the world to come visit. How do we engage your target audience?  Are they on Facebook?  Are they tweeting? Or are we talking a good old newsletter?  Sometimes, we don’t know.  So we try different tactics and we measure the response.  We call this A/B testing.

The focus of the Growth Effort is helping our clients “reach” their target audience with brand messages via content marketing, display, and other tactics.

Through this process, the aim is to reach our client’s target audience. We will focus on building favorable awareness and recall of your company and products among prospects who are unfamiliar with your brand or not in the market for your products and services. The goal is to convey what your company does, why your products are unique, and why prospects should care about your company.

We help clients in making the most of their web presence. Internet strategies are more than putting a website online and hoping for the best. Internet marketing includes website design, communication plans, branding, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, pay-per-click and integration with existing business tools for inventory control and financial reporting. We emphasize content driven websites with the latest search engine optimization techniques to target your customer base.

Inbound Marketing & Communication Strategies

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