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Standout Strategies To Improve SEO via User Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content is a form of content that the user has created in any form, such as images, posts, videos, or even comments and reviews about the product. 

There is no doubt that “consumers are the best marketers,” as according to a survey, people trust the consumer reviews about the product the same as they trust their personal network. Moreover, Google and all the major search engines prioritize the relevant user-generated content over any other form of content.

Thus if you’re thinking about building a strong SEO strategy to boost your brand, you must equip yourself with User Generated Content.

How To Aggregate User-Generated-Content?

Online Tools – One of the best ways to aggregate UGC is by using UGC platforms such as Taggbox. With the help of these tools, you can aggregate desired UGC from all the major social media platforms to one place. These tools also provide you with an option to personalize and moderate your feeds according to your needs. Moreover, it also gives real-time analytics, keeping you aware of the performance of your feed in real-time, thus helping you build a future strategy.

Social Gatherings 

 If you want people to have a word of mount about your brand, you must organize events to create awareness, buzz, and the most important, trust among the fans. You could easily keep the conversation going by creating selfie corners promoting your brand or sending the guest home with gift hampers.

Online Contest

One can easily generate UGC by organizing an online contest in hand offering perks to the winner. For instance, if the contest is about posting a picture with the product on the social media page, a large number of contestants will also share that picture on their personal social media platform, thus acting as your organic brand ambassador, indeed giving you an enormous flow of UGC marketing.


Anyone can easily find the UGC of any particular location by searching the content by a particular location. This type of UGC plays a vital role in targeting the audience of a particular region and thus improving the user engagements. On the other hand, #hasthtag is used to categorize the content. Thus if you want to generate or find a particular type of UGC, you can search using the relevant hashtag. Moreover, you could also get the post with the most user engagement by looking for the trending hashtags.

How To Use UGC To Improve SEO

  1. New & Relevant Content – It is notably unarguable that UGC provides an unlimited flow of new, authentic, and relevant content. These content are people-centric thus are eligible to gain the search engines’ attention early. The best part is this content can be hunted free of cost, and the variety is wide, giving you ample options to look for. Thus focusing on the UGC content will eventually improve the SEO rankings.
  2. UGC has inbuild SEO Attributes – For an optimal SEO strategy, you need to have a system of basic attributes, including keywords, links, etc. But your user-generated content being people-centric, already includes catchy phrases and links associated with the product that strengthens the SEO naturally.
  3. Long-Tail Keywords Suggestions – Yes, short keywords are searched in high volume, but it is tough to rank high in this type of keyword because of the intense competition. An alternative to rank high is by using the long tail keyword since the searches are minimal. For instance, it is comparatively simple to rank on the keyword “hybrid electric car for kids ” rather than just “car.” You can make your users write what they love about your product, which will eventually give you a series of long-tail keywords to choose from.
  4. UGC Boosts Optimization – Everybody knows that User-Generated Content is unique, thus fill up the professional images void, eventually improving the SEO rankings. UGC also gets more engagement from the potential new customer that is looking for relatable experience. The UGC post is probably very descriptive, combining various long-tail and short-tailed keywords, improving the search results.
  5. Ideal For Automated Algorithm – Automated Search algorithm use software that detects authentic product review and testimonial to rank. Content submitted by your customers gives marketers an enormous potential to earn SEO points from both quality and quantity rating systems. For any SEO checklist, this is vital as reviews and ratings do provide exceptional results to search engine queries.
  6. Word-of-Mouth Marketing Powers SEO – Word-of-Mouth is the biggest social proof a brand can get, which is essential for boosting customer trust and powering brands to get more traffic from the search engines. And it is of no doubt the best way to create WOM among the masses is through UGC. So if you are thinking about building a strong WOM, you can’t deny the importance of UGC.


User-generated content is significant when it comes to improving the ranking of the website. User reviews and outlook about your product and service improve your uniqueness score, thus enhancing your rank for a wider variety of queries. The comprehensive discussion about the brand generates a series of keywords, indeed improving your search rankings.

Improve SEO with User Generated Content

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