Importance of Amazon Keyword Research for Amazon PPC Campaign

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Importance of Amazon Keyword Research for Amazon PPC Campaign

Imagine you launch an Amazon PPC campaign using an assortment of irrelevant keywords. Now, what do you think? Will your campaign work?

Technically, yes! It will come in the search results, but the audience will find it irrelevant, and your chances of getting conversion afterward will be minimal.

Using irrelevant keywords (that do not match your target audience’s intent) in Amazon PPC ads will reduce your campaign’s visibility and conversion value. So to get the attention of your target audience, you need to establish a solid base for Amazon PPC campaigns with well-researched keywords. 

This write-up will explain why keyword research is essential for Amazon PPC marketing and an effective process to research keywords for Amazon PPC ad campaigns.

What Is Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC)? 

Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an auction-style model that enables promoters to bid on search terms. In Amazon PPC, advertisers don’t get charged for the impressions, but for the clicks they get on the ads. 

PPC ad campaigns intend to improve product visibility and sales. In addition, they can increase the product’s organic rankings and help merchants secure better ROI and reach.

Why Is Amazon Keyword Research Essential For A Successful PPC Ad Campaign?

Amazon keyword research is integral for pay-per-click ad campaigns. The efficiency of targeted keywords ascertains the success of any PPC ad campaign in drawing consumer attention and scoring clicks on the ads.

Researching for the keywords based on your product, potential customer intent, and the marketplace will help you accomplish these objectives:

  • Customer match: Your sponsored ads will be shown to an audience interested in your chosen keywords. This will increase your possibility of getting traffic, leads, and conversions with interested buyers. 
  • Message match: Your sponsored ads will make sense to audiences searching for product search terms similar to the targeted keywords, leading the way to higher traffic and sales. 

Otherwise, your ads will look unrelated to the target audience without pertinent keyword research, resulting in no clicks and conversions. 

Importance of Amazon Keyword Research In PPC Ad Campaigns-

  1. Engaged Audience- The aim is to create compelling PPC ad campaigns that can encourage clients and prospects to click the ‘Buy Now’ button. This is possible with Amazon keyword research. First, it helps you find out what your potential customers are looking for. Then you can create PPC ad copies around that idea. 
  2. Increased conversion- If you create PPC ad campaigns that your prospects find interesting, they will wish to get into the details. But, how can you ensure that your ads reach your target audience? Proper keyword research can help you discover appropriate search terms that appeal to the target audience and drive them towards conversion. 
  3. Expand Your Net- Effective keywords explain to your visitors what your business offers and how your business is different from your competitors.
  4. Controlled USPs- Through Amazon keyword research, you can check the ranking for specific search terms and judge their popularity among your niche audience. That will further help you create highly-targeted ads and showcase your unique selling points for better results.
  5. Better Opportunities- Keywords research is an opportunity for Amazon sellers. It allows you to find search terms that competitors are ranking for and gives you a chance to try and test alternative keywords for better ad performance.
  6. Marketing Trend Insights- Amazon keyword research gives insights into the latest trends and shoppers’ behavior. It helps keep you up to date on what’s popular and important to your audience and use that to make your PPC Ad campaigns relevant.
Pro tip: To get effective results out of PPC Ad campaigns, take assistance from a dedicated Amazon keyword research service provider.

How To Do Amazon Keyword Research For PPC Ads: A Tutorial 

Here’s a quick Amazon keyword research process for effective PPC Ad Campaigns:

1. Set Your PPC Ad Campaign Objectives 

Before any keyword research, define your objective for the PPC ad campaigns. In most cases, you already have set objectives. But if you don’t, contemplate:

  • Conversion Intent: What action would you like shoppers to take to move down the sales funnel?
  • Metric Intent: What are your expectations regarding clicks and conversions in a set time frame? 

The objectives will help you learn shoppers’ search intent—the motive shoppers have in view when they click on your product ads. So when your Amazon keyword research gets aligned with your objectives and shopper’s intent – you win! 

Take a look at this sponsored PPC ad from SK-II. Their client wanted to bring in new leads interested in skin care and treatment, so they included the keyword “Facial Treatment” in their ad headline.

Set Your PPC Ad Campaign Objectives
Set Your PPC Ad Campaign Objectives

2. Start Amazon Keywords Research With The Right Tools

Note that only the right keywords can ensure your ad campaign’s success. The best way to reach such keywords is to use appropriate Amazon keyword research tools. There are numerous options available (both free of cost and paid) that assist you in getting a relevant list of keywords, like-

  • Ahrefs (Paid Tool)
  • MerchantWords
  • Google Keyword Planner (Free)
  • Keywords Everywhere (Paid Tool)

Let’s dig into Ahrefs- the best tools for Amazon keyword research. After you click “Keywords Explorer” on your main page, you’ll see a search bar with options like Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc. This section allows you to initiate specific research and create a list of best-suited keywords. 

Start Amazon Keywords Research With The Right Tools
Start Amazon Keywords Research With The Right Tools

3. Examine Keyword Metrics

No keywords are the same, even when they directly relate to the product you plan to target in Ads. To determine their effectiveness, you’ll have to check their monthly search volume (MSV) and cost per click (CPC)

  • Monthly Search Volume- The number of keyword searches takes place in a time frame of one month. Here, the higher MSV, the better. Keywords with higher monthly search volume give your product ad campaigns more exposure and competition.
  • Cost Per Click- CPC is the cost advertisers pay when visitors click on display using a particular keyword. Search terms with higher CPC often perform well. But consequently, it costs advertisers more. 

So, when you choose keywords to add to your ad campaigns, finding the right balance of MSV and CPC to ensure maximum conversions within your budget is imperative.

4. Check Keywords That Are Performing Well

While you put in a lot of effort to find effective PPC ad keywords, do not forget to see what’s trending.

Check what keywords your competitors are using in their ads for conversions through organic research. Pay increased attention to the titles, ad content, and keyword placement. Also, search for high-performing keywords using a paid tool like Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, etc., to determine their traffic potential and popularity.

Side note: No matter what tool you use for Amazon keyword research, there’s always the experience factor. No keywords work for all, especially when selling in different niches and locations. Hence, outsourcing is the best option. Professional Amazon Keyword Research Services Providers can discover the best Amazon keywords and personalize your landing page keywords to match your PPC ad campaigns.

5. Use Your Amazon Keyword Database

Now that you own the database of relevant keywords (High MSV & CPC), it’s time to use them in your ads for maximum conversion and sales. Usually, search engines follow three keywords, matching models-

  • Broad match: Targets ads having exact keywords or terms related to it.
  • Phrase match: Targets ads having phrases in the exact order you specify. 
  • Exact match: Targets ads with same match keywords.

Predominantly, you need to have exact matching search terms in your ads as your customers go down the conversion funnel. 

Ready To Start? Research Right Amazon Keywords To Get The Best ROI From Your PPC

It’s the best feeling when you carry off a successful PPC ad campaign. Make the best use of the opportunity with the right keywords, and your PPC ad campaigns will return your investment via the conversions you need for profit.

But Is It As Simple As It Sounds?

Finding the right keywords for an Amazon PPC ad campaign involves extensive research. It can easily become a tedious task and takes up most of your valuable time that could be invested in core business activities. Therefore, it is recommended that you outsource Amazon keyword research services to a reliable company and let them make a customized list of effective keywords for your PPC ad campaigns. 

Happy Bidding!

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Importance of Amazon Keyword Research for Amazon PPC Campaign

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