Impact of the Pandemic on Weed Delivery Services

Impact of the Pandemic on Weed Delivery Services in Toronto

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COVID-19 took a toll on big and small economies worldwide, including Canada. The Canadian economy is experiencing a recession, with statistics showing that small businesses owe $135billion in debt. Unemployment is also at an all-time high, with the travel and hospitality industries taking the worst hit.

The Canadian legal cannabis industry has also experienced its share of highs and lows during the pandemic. Most impacted was the weed delivery sub-market, given that it was at its inception as COVID-19 raged on. So, find out how Black Rabbit weed delivery and other leading delivery services fared during the pandemic below.

1.   Increased Demand For Delivery Services

Before the pandemic, government cannabis stores run by individual provinces had exclusive rights to weed delivery within their jurisdictions. Although many cannabis consumers desired the convenience weed delivery services offered, the local governments were slow in establishing private sector weed delivery guidelines. Moreover, some consumers also enjoyed the sensory in-store cannabis shopping experience and interacting with fellow cannabis consumers.

However, when COVID-19 hit Canada, local and federal governments issued lockdowns to curb the virus’ spread. In addition, the pandemic heightened stress levels among cannabis consumers causing cannabis consumption for anxiety management.

Government-run dispensaries could not meet the rising demand; in-store and curbside pick-ups were inconvenient for social distancing. Therefore, provincial governments gave licensed private weed delivery services the go-ahead to deliver cannabis.

The government borrowed Post Canada’s mail order marijuana delivery guidelines; thankfully, weed delivery services were prepared for weed delivery legalization easing adaptation. So, the pandemic was a boon for weed delivery services as it pushed local governments to expedite private weed delivery service legalization. Therefore COVID-19 single-handedly gave rise to the private weed delivery service industry.

Weed Delivery Services in Toronto

Impact of the Pandemic on Weed Delivery Services in Toronto

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2.   Weed Delivery Sub-market Monopoly Eradication

As earlier stated, government-run cannabis stores dominated online cannabis sales and the weed delivery industry. However, the rise in demand for cannabis products and weed delivery services during the pandemic challenged that dominance.

The pandemic allowed licensed private weed delivery services to prove their value to the Canadian weed industry and that weed doorstep weed delivery was long overdue. Although some provinces only allowed private weed delivery services to operate temporarily, others like British Columbia legalized private weed delivery services in their jurisdictions permanently.

Therefore, COVID-19 led to healthy competition within the cannabis delivery service industry. The direct benefits of such competition include service diversification, with mail-order marijuana and same-day delivery services. Second, cannabis consumers all over Canada, including “desert access” jurisdictions, can now consistently enjoy quick access to weed.

3.   Limited Working Hours

Despite gaining legal status, licensed weed delivery services had to contend with fewer operational hours. In addition, the Canadian federal government’s ‘stay-at-home’ order stipulated that workers in non-essential industries stay at home to prevent new COVID-19 infections.

Although most provincial governments deemed the cannabis industry an essential service, they limited operational hours for cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services. For instance, delivery services in British Columbia could only operate weed between 9.00 am and 11.00 pm rather than offering 24-hour delivery services.

Therefore, they had to adapt to the limited hours by creating strict delivery schedules that facilitated same-day and next-day delivery services. So, while you can shop for weed via licensed cannabis dispensaries e-commerce platforms 24/7, shopping earlier in the day guarantees you same-day delivery.

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4.   Business Expansion And Access To Credit

Established weed delivery services leveraged the high demand for delivery services to increase operation during the pandemic. Most service providers expanded their services to new territories. Some brick-and-mortar cannabis dispensaries also temporarily shut down their physical shops and focused on managing online dispensaries to lower operational costs.

However, the biggest win for the cannabis submarket was the federal government’s decision to offer affordable credit to small businesses in various sectors, including the cannabis industry. Before the pandemic, credit institutions typically sidelined cannabis businesses. However, the federally-owned Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) announced that established cannabis businesses were eligible for up to CA$40,000 credit with no interest charged in the first year.

5.   Enhanced Safety Measures

Although licensed weed delivery services maintained ideal hygiene standards in their facilities and warehouses, they had to take things a notch higher during the pandemic. The additional safety measures were to protect employees and customers from COVID-19 infections, particularly at-risk populations like senior citizens and people with chronic illnesses.

Weed delivery service providers trained their staff, particularly drivers, on sanitizing gadgets before and after each customer confirmed receiving their orders. They also issued their staff with personal protective equipment including, masks, face shields, and gloves that facilitate touchscreen device use.

Additionally, they rearranged work stations to limit contact among employees, set up hand washing stations, increased airflow, and issued alcohol rubs to staff. While the workspace and workflow adjustments required time for adaptation and additional costs, they helped promote public health and safety.

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6.   Reduced Access

Although the demand for weed delivery surged during the pandemic, some organizations and provinces prioritized limiting contact between populations. For instance, Alberta province prohibited private dispensaries from offering weed delivery services.

Post Canada also ceased offering door-step deliveries, replacing the service with post office pick-up. While well-intentioned, the adjustment denied some cannabis consumers reasonable access to weed.


Weed delivery services have endured a stormy season during the pandemic featuring high and low moments. But, hopefully, the services will weather the pandemic and keep delivering high-quality weed to your doorstep.

Impact of the Pandemic on Weed Delivery Services

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