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Ideal Platforms for Social Media Marketing

Reasons Why These Seven Social Media Websites Are Ideal for Social Media Marketing

There is a world within this world, and we called it social media channels. There are approx. 2.7 billion people live in the social media world, and the numbers are increasing with the rapid speed. Due to such staggering figures, the social media has proved to be a game changer in the marketing world.

Ideal Platforms for Social Media Marketing

Regardless of size and worth of the business, the social media marketing is the first medium at which every marketer or businesspeople jumps on. The usage and feasibility of the social media marketing are highly immense that most of the marketers have started preferring social media as a primary medium of marketing.

However, this medium is still new in the market and among marketing circles that is why numerous marketers especially new and inexperienced business marketers. That is why writers like me and other who loves to write on marketing and marketing mediums write this types of informative articles on social media marketing.

As a continuity of my previous articles, in the next lines of this article, I am going to discuss top seven social media channels for business marketing so they can utilize these channels for better marketing.

  1. Facebook:

Out of 2.7 billion users of social media websites, 1.59 billion users are on Facebook that makes it the largest social media platform. Facebook is a complete package of social media marketing and also shares a major portion of paid digital marketing. It is an extraordinary medium that makes you closest to your customers. The Facebook has its users all around the globe which makes it an ideal platform to utilize when you have to target international market.

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The best thing about Facebook is its marketing methods. Facebook provides marketers most compelling campaigns and ads that can take your content to the audience you want. Facebook allows you to break down audience from thousands to hundreds if you want. Moreover, there are numerous ad campaigns for almost all types of need. Facebook also lets you create different types of ads for example carousel, GIFS, video, image and conversion ads which are important to have when you have to get different objectives from your Facebook marketing.

  1. Twitter:

Twitter is the second most famous social media platform after Facebook. This social media website has over 330 million users, and a majority of this number is active too. Unlike Facebook, the Twitter audience is much sophisticated and educated as it is the medium of most of the celebrities, politicians, armies’ media cells and even the banned militias like ISIS and Al-Qaeda have their own Twitter profiles.

With multi-dimensional audience and whooping numbers of 330 million, Twitter is the second most effective platform to market your brand or business. However, methods and mechanism of marketing on Twitter is entirely different from Facebook. Twitter is all about getting viral through retweets. It is about using the relevant hashtags and becoming the part of any ongoing discussion to make yourself noticed. It also has a trending list on which the Twitter algorithm lists the most used hashtags of the day. Your marketing success rate depends on where your hashtags are getting ranked on that list. The higher you ranked, the more people have used your hashtag.

  1. LinkedIn:
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LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms which always get associated with one certain business model. Due to its audience which belongs to the corporate world and seeks only to build his networks, LinkedIn is an ideal place to meet the CEOs and CFOs of the companies.

Due to the unique type of audience, LinkedIn is only limited to the B2B marketing. If you own any business which has B2B model, then LinkedIn is the ideal place for marketing. LinkedIn is not about getting customers or selling your products. It is the medium of building relationships with the people that can convert into business after a certain period.

  1. Instagram:

Instagram is the subsidiary platform of Facebook. Launched as an independent platform but later on occupied by Facebook, Instagram is the home of 800 million active users. The advertising on Instagram is linked to the Facebook. It means whatever marketing campaigns you run on Facebook can also be run on the Instagram just by checking the mark while initiating a campaign on Facebook.

  1. Google+:

Not so famous among the common people but quite effective when you have to do B2B marketing. Google+ is a platform where most of the brands are already have their profiles and accounts. Moreover, it is a good place for networking and best for blogging.

Due to the domination of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on the internet, Google failed to stop itself from introducing its own social media networking site Google+.

  1. YouTube:

Most famous and biggest video streaming website on the internet. YouTube started as only video streaming website converted into one of the major marketing tools. Owned by Google, YouTube has over 5 billion videos with 300 hours of video uploading rate per minute. With over a billion users, YouTube maybe less in numbers but effective when it comes to delivering the message to your customers.

  1. Pinterest:
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Just like YouTube is a video sharing portal, Pinterest is image sharing portal. If you own any quality images regarding your brand or product, then this platform is ideal to make it viral. Just like the retweets, if your image gets pinned by highly followed members then you have achieved your objectives. With just one quality picture on Pinterest, you can reach out millions of Pinterest users.


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Ideal Platforms for Social Media Marketing

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