How To Write SEO Friendly: Beginner To Advanced

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What is so big a deal about marketing anyway? Right. The SEO world is thrusting ahead with volcanic velocity. Gone are the days when writing impressive essays was good enough for writing content. However, SEO rich or SEO optimized articles are nothing short of fancy rules. SEO is itself a complicated play of algorithms and different techniques.

You can write beautifully, and if unable to please the search-engine analytics, no one will visit the page. Plus, wasting creative energy on content writing will also leave you exhausted and demotivated. Make sure to write SEO-friendly content that works the same way for beginners to advance level writers.

Following are some valuable tips to get you started on your content writing journey:

  • Start With Research

Just like how you try any new recipe, you gather the ingredients and go through several reviews to finally test the recipe. It is a universal approach to follow.

  • Type of content: Keyword Search

Since you want to target a specific audience based on the content you are going to write. Make sure to do diligent keyword research before starting to write.


Furthermore, researching will enable you to focus on the related keywords and write in the same trajectory. For example, if you are writing about the best bags for school, Who will be looking at this content? Mainly children? No. You need to understand that you will be majorly writing for the parents. Therefore, you need to answer their questions and not what children would like.

  • Find the idle length of the article:

How to decide on how long your content should be? It is a puzzling attribute while stepping into the world of content writing. You can never know how much is enough. To best judge this, it is critical to study your requirements and goals.

However, many SEO tools can help you decide on the word-count. These tools will let you know the word-count of specific target keywords that are topping the SERPs.

  • Write for the Audience

The main objective of following SEO methods is to attract the viewers to your site naturally, with their likings. It is a good idea to create sections to distinguish your potential audiences.

Make use of technical SEO tools:

To stay on top of your SEO understanding for organic traffic, familiarize yourself with SEO words’ fancy words. These will take your content from plain boring to the top on analytics lists.

  • Post Title and Meta Title:

The Post title is the title user see on the site, while the Meta title is how that title is on SERPs.

  • Post Meta Description:

Like cover letters, Meta description is what attracts the user for the first time.

  • Image Alt Attribute:

Let your photos on-site also do SEO for you by adding their related appropriate information.

  • Interlink and Anchor Text:

Give the address to users, on-site through your content, to the older content, or other areas of your website.

  • Remove STOP words from Permalink:

Certain words like a, an, am are deliberately ignored by search engines. Therefore, make sure to remove such stop words from the Permalink before publishing.

  • Headings on the Content:

H1, H2, and H3 heading tags can increase SEO ranking significantly.

How To Write SEO Friendly: Beginner To Advanced