How to Use Your Google Business Listing to Get More Customers

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How to Use Your Google Business Listing to Get More Customers

If you want to benefit from Google’s 83 percent search engine market share, it’s about time you set up your own Google Business Profile. Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is one of the many tools Google offers to small businesses to expand their local outreach.

But this business listing feature isn’t just limited to expanding reach. Google business listings through Google Business Profiles will help you gain visibility among your potential customers and have an 88 percent higher chance of a conversion.

In this blog below, we’ll tell you how you can optimize your Google Business Profile to reach more customers. But first, let us explain what Google Business Profile is and its benefits.

What is Google Business Listing?

Formerly known as Google My Business, google business listing is now known as Google Business Profile. Alongside changing the name, Google has also simplified the process for setting up a business listing on its platform through this tool. In addition,  Google has added numerous new features to help local businesses optimize their google business listing and reach more customers.

Benefits of Google Business Profile

Before we tell you about setting up your own Google Business Profile and optimizing it, let’s look at some of the benefits of listing your business with Google.

Increased Visibility

Google Business Profile complements Google maps marketing and Google shopping experience. This means that now you can increase your business’s visibility in the area you operate by adding a location and appearing in the search results of local users.

Higher Sales

According to reports, 46 percent of customers look for a local business online before visiting it. You can reach out to customers interested in your product or service by setting up your own Google Business Profile.

Engage with Customers

Google business listing also allows you to receive reviews and feedback. While you may be worried about getting negative reviews on a public platform, this is a great way to engage with customers personally.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Google Business Profile is free to set up but has significant reach and potential to improve your SEO. In addition, this is a budget-friendly model if you’re a newly established business looking to gain visibility.

Simple and Doable for Small Businesses

Google Business Profile is simpler and easy to be setup in a few steps. This is ideal for small-scale businesses looking to create an online presence without heavily investing in search engine optimization services.

Find Target Audience

Because Google Maps support Google Business Profile, it is great to reach the local and target audience. Instead of wasting money appearing in ads of customers that aren’t interested in your product, this is a better method.

Complement SEO Strategy

Google Business goes hand in hand with your overall SEO strategy on the internet. After all, a solid SEO game isn’t just dependent on website SEO or content.

Who Can Set Up a Google Business Profile?

You can set up your Google Business Profile if you have a physical address where customers can visit you. However, purely online businesses cannot benefit from Google Business Profile and should rely on other tools.

How to Set Up Google Business Profile?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up your Google my business SEO.

  1. Go to google business manager.
  2. Add your business details, including name, address, and opening hours.
  3. Choose a category.
  4. Verify your business’s address.
  5. Insert a strong description.
  6. Add photos to make your profile appealing.

How to Improve Google Business Listing?

If you are enthusiastic about getting more customers through Google business listing, then here’s a way to optimize your Google Business profile better.

Hire a Google Business SEO Service

While Google Business Profile is free and can be set up by anyone, getting an expert, Google My Business SEO Services on board is a good idea. This will help you better manage your profile and improve your ranking in Google business listing.

Be Accurate in Your Profile

Accurately filling in all the information in your Google Business Profile is crucial to earning both Google’s and your customer’s trust. So don’t miss out on any details, and fill out your profile to increase your business listing reach.

Add Real and High-Quality Photos

Google appreciates businesses that add real and high-quality photos of their businesses on a Google Business Profile. Real photos of your outlet, products, or team can help you gain customers’ trust as a legitimate business.

Use Keyword Rich Text

Make sure you use keyword-rich text when you add posts or descriptions to your Google My Business profile. However, avoid stuffing keywords and create content that naturally contains relevant keywords to improve the user search experience.

Encourage Reviews and Engagement

Getting reviews on Google Business Profile is a great way to establish the credibility of your business. However, negative reviews are also a way to deal with unhappy customers and improve your business.

Use Customization Features

To fully benefit from GMB services, use the new customization features to make a more appealing profile. For example, restaurants can add their menus to the GMB profile, or product-based businesses can add an inventory to appear on Google Shopping.

Constantly Update Your Google Business Profile

Always ensure your Google Business Profile is up-to-date and according to the company listing criteria. Avoid ambiguity, misinformation, or missing elements, as those may reduce your chances of reaching your target audience.

Create a Local and Trustable Brand Identity

With the help of Google map marketing and GMB optimization services, you can get more customers in 2023 and beyond. However, you must be willing to take the first step and hire an experienced GMB SEO agency to help you improve your Google Business Profile.

Author Bio

The author is a senior digital marketer and GMB optimization specialist at Search Berg. The author has special expertise in establishing Google Business Profile, Google maps marketing, and local SEO to expand the reach of small business enterprises.