How to use WhatsApp for marketing – Best tools for WhatsApp marketing

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How to use WhatsApp for marketing - Best tools for WhatsApp marketing

With two billion users globally, WhatsApp is the world’s very popular instant messaging software for communicating with one another. It is a terrific tool for customers to find out about companies because it is instant, personal, & global in scope.

A range of things can be done via WhatsApp to improve a client’s experience with the brand, from answering customer inquiries to exhibiting products, sending notifications, & providing updates.

If you don’t have WhatsApp yet, you can download it from They support all major devices.

The web version of WhatsApp

You can use the WhatsApp Web WhatsApp chrome extension to add marketing features to the WhatsApp web.  You can find a link to the WhatsApp Web Chrome Extension here.

Some of the features of this extension: 

Quick text

Are there any terms that you frequently use on WhatsApp? Use the text snippet option to insert those words in a format that’s easy to read.

  • You have complete control over the text snippet portion.
  • Deliver texts without adding the recipient to your contact list.

How does it work?

By selecting the ‘Install Chrome Extension’ option, you may install the extension. After you’ve installed WhatsApp, you should notice a button on the website’s upper left that allows you to send messages. It is a tool for social interaction & communication.

How can you engage with customers using WhatsApp automation & marketing?

You may improve your engagement in a variety of ways, including:

  • For example, it is possible to send messages without adding the mobile number to the contact list.
  • You will provide a list of numbers and have the message sent to all of them at the same time.
  • You can deliver a CSV file to everybody on the list en masse.
  • Your frequently sent messages could be saved & retrieved with a single click.

WhatsApp’s Customer Support Advantages

Customers today expect individualized responses and want to be able to communicate in real-time. WhatsApp’s secure and reliable communications make it excellent for engaging with customers & exceeding their expectations. As a result, it has become one of the most popular messaging apps for providing customer support and instantly communicating with customers worldwide.

Using WhatsApp for customer service can benefit your company in a variety of ways:

  • WhatsApp has the most active users per month across all age groups and geographies, making it the most popular messaging app. As a result, it can help your company grow its reach and realize its full potential.
  • Team inbox: When you use WhatsApp for business, you have the benefit of a team inbox, which allows you to assign customer messages to numerous support agents at the same time, improving the service quality.
  • Chatbot capabilities: Using a chatbot theme for WhatsApp customer service can improve your company’s capabilities & automate responses. Bot integrations can help you handle your clients more effectively.
  • API accessibility: WhatsApp’s business API is easily accessible, which can assist your company with third-party integrations such as CRM & Salesforce. This can help bring all client data together in one location and use it to improve customer service.
  • Rich media support: Rich media information, such as photographs, videos, emoticons, or documents, can be sent to customers to offer a new level of interaction. You may also create a catalog to display your items & services.

What is the best way to use WhatsApp for customer support?

To satisfy customer interaction goals, brands must be visible on practically every channel. Therefore, your company will find a superb customer care channel and also be able to provide exceptional customer service through one of the most extensively used messenger services while using WhatsApp.

Brands are employing WhatsApp in a variety of ways to achieve consumer happiness and provide an omnichannel experience.

  • Respond to common consumer questions
  • Gather feedback from customers.
  • Send updates on your status.
  • Quickly share notifications
  • Products & services should be highlighted.
  • Bookings that go smoothly
  • Customer communication on a larger scale

Let’s take a look at each of the strategies you can use WhatsApp to help customers –

  1. Respond to common consumer questions

When customers contact businesses, they want speedy responses. With WhatsApp, you can communicate with your consumers one-on-one and respond to their questions in real-time.

Customer queries can take numerous forms, including inquiries about information about a purchase, a product, interest in a new product, complaints or order-related questions, and so on.

Chat window

What is the best way to use WhatsApp regarding customer service?

Make your WhatsApp number visible on your site, social media platforms, including email signatures so that clients may contact you.

Put the WhatsApp number in the contact us area or include a chat button to make it easy for customers to connect you.

  1. Gather feedback from customers

Companies must act on customer input, according to 52 percent of respondents.

Customer input, after all, should be as crucial to your business as anything else. So when a good platform exists, such as WhatsApp, firms should not be hesitant to reach out to customers & solicit feedback.

The channel’s communicative flow considers this one of the essential instruments for gathering client feedback & detecting customer mood.

WhatsApp for customer feedback collection

Goibibo is a well-known tour and travel company that collects consumer feedback via WhatsApp. The agency has seen a significant increase in their review conversions % as a result of the initiative.

Why should you utilize WhatsApp to obtain consumer feedback?

WhatsApp’s two-way communication allows businesses to gain real-time customer feedback and execute suggestions to enhance their bottom line.

One of the primary reasons for the channel’s conversation flow is that it’s perfect for generating customer reviews.

  1. Communicate status updates

Including WhatsApp business in your marketing communications can be very useful for giving status updates to consumers about bookings, order tracking, and other issues.

You may use the channel to update clients on the order’s status when it arrives and other vital details. Now you can signup for this with

One of the most important customer service recommendations for growing your business is to keep clients informed about their status.

How to use WhatsApp for marketing – Best tools for WhatsApp marketing