How To Turn A Hotel Into Workforce Housing

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How To Turn A Hotel Into Workforce Housing

Maxwell Drever Suggests Some Interesting Ideas On How To Turn A Hotel Into Workforce Housing

The COVID-19 pandemic across the world has globally damaged the hotel industry. With nationwide lockdown and home-quarantine concepts, hotels are left struggling to find potential customers. As a result, the number of hotels going broke and on the brink of closing is significantly rising. However, with the visionary idea from Maxwell Drever, this problem of broken hotels can be used to treat another global crisis. Maxwell states formulated this concept of transforming damaged hotels into affordable workforce housing. However, there are few things to see to successfully change a hotel into affordable workforce housing.

Why Affordable Workforce Housing For Everyone?

There is a constant flow of people ending up on the streets. There is a massive crowd of people in the low and poor class category who find it difficult to find shelter. These people need affordable housing that gives them a place to stay for an extended period. According to Maxwell Drever, these people can find refuge in affordable workforce housing made from broken hotels. Turning broken hotels into affordable homes is a great way to ensure shelter for even middle and poor-class people. We will be able to save millions of dollars spent on new construction and at the same time offer affordable housing for those who desperately need it.

What Makes It A Effective Process?

Turning a broken hotel into sustainable housing is easy. As stated by Maxwell Drever, this process can be done in three simple stages, which are:

  • Purchasing The Abandoned Hotel

The next thing you need to do is find one abandoned hotel close enough to your place and has a good condition in the building. Then, place an offer on it. Then, you can get a second owner who wants to sell the property cheaper than the original owners who have stopped their business to reduce expenses. To save money, the time taken for purchasing such hotels should be short-term.

  • Clearing The Building And Transforming It Into Apartments 

After you buy the property, you will have to remove the building of any valuables like gold, precious metals, and other valuable things. You also need to shred all the documents and records that can help you trace its history back to its original owner. The next thing is to let the building undergo a thorough cleansing process by removing all debris within the rooms, offices, and corridors.

  • Committing Time-Consuming Renovations

The next step is renovating this into habitable apartments with modern features. The best part about this is that you can touch on the overall design and plan. If you are going to spend a lot of money, the first thing you should do is leave some spaces for decoration and design.

We will create sustainable housing units and help people staying in broken hotels leave their worthless lives behind. Turning a broken hotel into affordable workforce housing for everyone will be an excellent help for homeless people and positively impact the community you live in.

How To Turn A Hotel Into Workforce Housing