How to succeed in your commercial prospection?

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How to succeed in your commercial prospection?

Commercial prospection is essential for any company, regardless of its field of activity or size. This first step in the sales cycle also remains a key task in the daily life of sales teams. Would you like to know how to succeed in your commercial prospection? Let us guide you through this article.

Don’t neglect the preparation.

Successful prospection requires good preparation. Think about building a sound database based on well-defined objectives. Determine the targets you wish to reach in advance and choose your prospection channels accordingly. Remember that knowing your target audience’s needs is crucial to engaging them and promoting your offer.

Nowadays, to ensure effective prospection, a digital solution is recommended. To this end, you can turn to CRM to create a quality commercial prospection database. This tool allows you to benefit from an overview of your prospects from all angles and facilitates your teams’ work in prospection.

Identify the best ways to reach your target.

Once you have identified your targets, you need to choose how to contact them. For some time now, the trend has been to use digital tools. Business intelligence solutions are also very popular. According to the LinkedIn report, 98% of salespeople use sales tools. This is mainly due to the refined results regarding targets and their needs.

Moreover, modern prospection tools allow for a new relationship with the prospect. Indeed, decision-makers do not seem interested in commercial calls that are not preceded by a digital introduction. On the other hand, 75% of consumers take the calls thanks to the latter.

Take care of your sales pitch.

Once the targets and means of communication have been determined, the next step is to define the approach method to capture your prospects’ attention. You need to convince the customer to buy your product or service with convincing arguments. To do this, you need to know your offer inside out. The aim is to persuade your target group that your offer is the best one.

To personalize your approach and save a lot of time, you can rely on market intelligence tools. These tools allow you to better understand your prospect’s ecosystem through several points. These include vital figures, published job offers, and communication through social networks.

In addition, to be effective, your sales pitch must be relevant to your target. Therefore, you should not recite your arguments inane but adapt them to your prospects. This will allow you to anticipate their possible objections and act accordingly. Finally, to perfect your strategy, study your customers’ needs more closely to structure your presentation and focus your speech on their expectations.

Prepare to develop the loyalty of your prospects and follow up

Retention is one of the most important steps in a sales strategy. To succeed in this aspect of your commercial prospection, you must be proactive and anticipate your prospects’ needs. You can also do this by offering them an additional product or service to what they have requested.

In addition, do not hesitate to be rigorous in your follow-up and reminders. Don’t give up after a failure. You should know that 80% of sales are made between the second and fifth call. Therefore, the more persistent you are, the greater your chances of capturing their attention.

Kaspr: the ideal tool for your commercial prospection

Kaspr is a lead generation tool that provides information about your prospects via their LinkedIn profile. This tool takes care of finding the contact details of your customers in real-time from the web. With Kaspr, you can quickly obtain qualified contact information for your prospects.

This tool works thanks to an extension you can install on your browser. This extension allows you to integrate the Kaspr Widget on your LinkedIn pages. You will be able to display the contact information of your contacts from their profile.

Kaspr allows you to retrieve the contact information of your prospects even if they do not accept your invitation on LinkedIn.


To be successful in your commercial prospection, it is necessary not to rush into things and prepare yourself properly. To reach your targets, make sure you use the right tools and prepare your sales pitch. Once these steps have been taken, be proactive and prepare for the follow-up and retention of your customers. Don’t forget that Kaspr is essential for an effective commercial prospection strategy. A team available at any time is ready to guide you and answer your questions.

How to succeed in your commercial prospection?