How to Reinforce Sales on Instagram

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How to Reinforce Sales on Instagram

It’s no secret that the digital space is overloaded with competition, so people have developed banner blindness and increasingly ignore direct advertising. Today, the most effective way to build productive communication with potential customers is to broadcast value and focus on long-term relationships. In this article, we will consider how to form a personal brand on Instagram to get high results in the form of leads, clients, and sales.

Form a sales funnel through content

Content marketing is the most effective tool for attracting new customers and building trust with existing ones. The consumer is at the center of the marketing model, not the company and its product. So, it is needed to define your target audience and understand its critical pains, problems, and tasks. Each stage of the funnel has its own goals and determines the type of content.

The first stage of the funnel aims to create awareness, form a favorable information background around your brand, and engage the user. You need to provide maximum value, generate exciting and useful content, publish lifehacks and recommendations, and share insights from personal experience. In the eyes of your customers, you must be an expert in your field.

In the second stage, people evaluate and choose, so it’s essential to talk about the advantages of your product, how it can benefit and what problems it solves. You have to be persuasive but not intrusive. Provide videos with presentations of new collections or videos with various product categories, and let the user choose for himself.

In the third stage, it’s important to convert people into customers. So, provide reviews and stories of satisfied customers. Do not be afraid to compare your product with competitors and provide full information on payment, delivery, and guarantees. It will help increase customer confidence and the chances of making a deal. 

Your job is to turn a one-time customer into a loyal one and cultivate a brand advocate in the last step. Brand advocates are not just your regular customers; they help promote your brand among their friends and online reviews. If you want to nurture a brand advocate, keep in touch with customers through various mailing lists, loyalty programs, promotions, etc.

Use the power of psychological triggers.

To increase sales, it is necessary to understand the role of psychology in marketing. Everyone is guided not so much by reason as by emotions and instincts. A trigger is a predictable reaction of our brain to specific actions. Thanks to triggers, you can build a productive communication system with customers, cause a desire to perform the target action, and make sales faster. 

Social proof is one of the most effective psychological triggers. Our minds are programmed to prefer products and ideas accepted by the majority. So, people spend time on popular resources in the digital space and buy from reputable brands. At the start of the promotion, it is effective to buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, and other involvement metrics. In addition to high statistics, social proof can be created with reviews. User reviews inspire trust in the brand and are one of the decisive factors in the purchase decision.

In marketing, reciprocity is a powerful technique for increasing sales. You can do this by offering a discount coupon, a free consultation, a checklist, or training materials. In this way, people feel obligated to make a purchase from you or give a recommendation to acquaintances on social networks.

One of the reasons your potential client takes action is curiosity. It is an innate human quality activated when people feel a gap between what they know and what they want to know. So, it’s effective to divide the article into several parts, accompanied by the phrase, “In the next part, I will reveal five more secrets of effective marketing.” Use curiosity in content when writing a commercial proposal, placing ads on a landing page, or during cold calls – it’s a great way to increase sales.

Automate sales with chatbots

Every entrepreneur wants to automate most business processes. Nowadays, people don’t waste time recruiting an initial audience but buy Instagram followers and other involvement metrics. Chatbots are an effective tool that allows you to automate customer communication and scale sales.

The chatbot takes care of all the routine work and can answer frequently asked questions. In the conditions of a large flow of information, people appreciate the speed of responses to their requests and want to get answers instantly. As a result, a chatbot will help to retain interested leads and prevent them from going to competitors.

A chatbot helps to qualify and segment leads. As a result, further communication with the potential client will be more personalized. A chatbot can warm up leads with relevant content and bring them to the sale. It also reminds old customers of you and encourages them to buy again. 

As a result of implementing a chatbot, you get systematized communication with customers, saving money on personnel and increasing sales.

To sum up, forming a personal brand is necessary for the successful running and scaling of a business. However, this strategy is long-term, so it is essential to combine different marketing tactics, constantly monitor trends and strengthen the strategy with new tools. With the right approach, you will create a valuable asset that will pay off in the long run with huge financial opportunities.

How to Reinforce Sales on Instagram

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