How to Promote Your Company Culture Through Videos 
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How to Promote Your Company Culture Through Videos

If a picture can communicate thousands of meanings, how much more power and influence could a video hold? 

In today’s world, knowing how media influences its audience, a company should maximize such opportunities to promote its culture effectively. It should not just be through pictures or texts but particularly with videos. When you highlight your company culture through a video, this can give you the competitive edge to be on top of the marketplace.

In 2018, Rocket Digital found that online users watched almost 4 billion YouTube videos daily. Undeniably, these videos can converse and persuade the minds and actions of the people. Video advertisements influence the purchasing decisions of about 92% of business-to-business shoppers.

You need to strike their interest with a video in a short period. Getting the attention of the audience only takes seconds long! Do you know how? 

In this blog, we’ve compiled some tips on how to promote your company culture through videos. These tips will be useful if you’re trying to showcase the best practice for a remote team or make people aware of your brand.  

How to Promote Your Company Culture Through Videos

  • Share your company values, vision, and mission.

On top of the list is defining your mission, vision, and core values. Your company video must reflect the reality behind your company and the principles you live by. It should be more than introducing your product and service but communicating the purpose of your organization, the things you value and care for, and what you desire to accomplish your business goals. 

In doing so, you should be honest. People are quick to notice when you are pretending to be something else. If you try to showcase what you don’t have, your company might appear unreliable. 

When done right, a video promoting your company culture can help establish a great impression and brand identity. 

  • Feature your employees, not actors.

Instead of getting paid actors for promotional videos, featuring your staff will make great sense. Employees characterize the company, so let them take the platform in the video. They could articulate an organization’s culture and goals, which can easily persuade viewers. They are the most reliable and valid evidence of the quality of your business and the kind of culture you have.

You can ask your employees to share their personal stories about who they are and why they love working in your company. This can have more impact, given that statements power a video.

It’s best to feature people from different departments with various backgrounds and interests for potential applicants or customers to see. You can also let them share your values, accomplishments, and work ethics. In this case, it will be helpful to brief them with a series of questions so they can have better ideas on communicating their thoughts. 

Behind-the-scene clips displaying how they professionally perform tasks in developing a product or service is also a powerful element. For example, a typical working scenario from a different department or example could highlight the existence of diversified workers and how they work collaboratively. In addition, perhaps, it can display other values, such as good leadership and management. 

  • Tell a story.

Your video isn’t the first promotion that people could watch. But, they have seen a lot, so you must be unique and creative in plotting your concepts. It would be best if you leveraged the power of storytelling. Isn’t it the most powerful tool in viral video marketing?

It’s great to show what’s happening in your company daily, but you might miss the mark without a cohesive story. On the other hand, if you can outline the structure of your video powerfully with a story, you may be able to elicit emotions from your target audience. And yes, emotions greatly influence why and what people buy.

You can tell a story in a video in various ways. You can share how the company started. For example, when you had your first customers. You can also work through how you grow as an organization, what your achievements are, and the personal stories of your employees. Whatever you choose, ensure its relevance to the company culture and values.  

  • Add a little fun.

Something fun and interesting? Why not? 

In addition to showing what the company is and how you organize designs, you can also showcase how fun your workplace is. Balance the mood with how your employees find enjoyment in the company. 

You can feature what your employees do for fun. It could be clips of activities they do for relaxation inside and outside work. Video footage of company events such as leadership activities, parties, outings, outreach programs, and trips will also do.

Although it’s not the only factor that can attract customers and employees to a company, company culture is a big reason why they stay and become loyal. This is why you need to take advantage of every possible medium to get the word out about your amazing culture. Considering the compel of your great cultural materials, we hope these tips have helped you make interactive and meaningful videos persuading your target audience.


Bio: Luke is a Copywriter, Content Creator, and Social Media Manager working freelance for various clients, businesses, and agencies. He has many years of experience crafting quality content for various marketing requirements.

How to Promote Your Company Culture Through Videos 

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