How to Practice Employee Appreciation While Working Remotely

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For the past year or so, many employees have been working from home in an attempt to stay safe during the pandemic. Employee appreciation should be an important part of workplace culture, and it’s more important than ever for corporations to show their team members just how valuable they are during this difficult time. If your team is working virtually, here are some creative ways to show your employees that their hard work is appreciated.

Having a Virtual Work Banquet

Even if you and your workers can’t get together in person, you should still set aside time to let everyone know how much their hard work means to your company. A virtual work banquet is a great way to recognize the contribution of your employees. Encourage your team members to dress up (at least from the waist up) for the virtual event and award workers in different categories such as best team player, most improved, most sales, most creative, etc. In addition to recognizing team members in the (virtual) presence of their peers, you can also send engraved crystal awards that employees can display on the shelves of their home offices. The award can motivate employees to continue doing a great job even though they haven’t returned to the office yet.

Sending Food Gift Cards

Since most people stay home more often than they normally would because of the pandemic, you can give your team members a break from cooking home-cooked meals and sending gift cards to popular restaurants in the city. Many restaurants offer delivery and takeout services so your employees can order the food they want and have it safely delivered to their homes. In addition, the gift cards can serve as a thank-you gift for workers who have been working hard to complete professional tasks while taking care of family members, tending to children, and even dealing with the direct effects of the pandemic.

Deliver an Edible Arrangement, or Flowers

A bouquet is a nice way to say ‘job well done.’ You can also send your employees this token of appreciation if they have completed an important milestone in life, such as getting a degree, moving to a new home, or having a baby. A fruit arrangement is a great idea and will likely be appreciated because the “bouquet” is edible. Showing your workers that you recognize that they are facing both challenges and triumphs in their personal lives is important right now since it is particularly difficult for professionals to maintain a work-life balance and pay special attention to the health of their families in the midst of a global pandemic.

Help Employees Decorate Their Home Office

Since team members are spending much more time at home than they normally would, you can make them more comfortable in their home offices by sending small decorative items such as mousepads, coffee mugs, and calendars to your employees. These items can make your team members feel like they’re working in an office instead of at home, motivating them throughout the workday. At the end of each quarter, you can start a friendly competition with your team members and pay for large office items like chairs, area rugs, or desks for the employee who finishes an important project, improves marketing efforts, brings in the most sales, or receives a promotion with the company.

Send a Hand-Written Note

Even though we do most of our work with the help of technology these days, you’d be surprised how meaningful a hand-written note could be to your team members. You can personalize the notes to let each employee know how much you admire their positive disposition, commitment, good ideas, and organizational skill. This is not only a cost-effective way to show your employees how much you appreciate them, but it can serve as a source of encouragement for your team members for years to come.

Now more than ever, employees need to know that the work they do is important. In addition, workers will likely appreciate knowing that their employers both sympathize and empathize with them during this challenging time. These virtual ideas can help to strengthen your professional team and encourage them to keep giving their best on the job.

How to Practice Employee Appreciation While Working Remotely

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