How to Perform UX Audit with These Usability Testing Tools

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It’s no secret that UX design lies at the core of every digital product – whether it’s a website, mobile application, web application, landing page, or software. When users interact with your website or mobile app, they expect a frictionless and smooth user experience. If they find it hard to get the desired information while interacting with a mobile app or website, chances are they will simply drop-off and go to your competitors. Figuring out why and how users interact with your product and what actually makes them leave your app or website is important to improve the quality of your digital product and performance. This is where UX audits come into play.

UX audit is a process that allows developers, designers, and marketers to figure out why people are not interacting with their digital products and come up with the best possible solutions to improve user experience. Your websites and mobile app need the UX audit. Thankfully, there are many usability testing tools available that make it easier for you to improve your website or app quality.

If you wish your mobile app, web app, website, or any other digital product performs well and generates maximum revenue; it is important to enhance your product’s usability and create an experience that users never forget.

Here I have listed the 6 best usability testing tools you should use to improve your website/app and user experience quality.

  1.       UserZoom

UserZoom is a great usability testing tool that allows you to offer a great digital experience and achieve the desired business results. It is the best UX insights solution that can tell product owners what users think about their product and how they behave when interacting with it. The tool helps you create a well-informed product development strategy and design decisions, which eventually allow you to make user-focused product decisions.

With UserZoom, you can continuously test and validate to stay on top of the design and development trends.  The tool makes it easier for designers, developers, and product managers to identify friction points and provide them with the best possible solutions to get them fixed. UserZoom helps you make confident data-driven decisions about your product and figure out your customers’ unmet needs. By providing relevant customer data at every stage of the design and development, UserZoom can help you improve UX and fulfill your target audience’s needs.

  1.       Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a famous usability testing tool that can track users’ behavior on your website and get real-time feedback. The tool allows you to figure out where your audience is coming, which pages they like most, which sections get the most clicks, and which areas need improvement. With Crazy Egg, you can improve your landing page design and optimize your mobile app.

The Heatmap logs highlight the areas where visitors mostly click on your webpage. Overlay tells you how many clicks each page element gets. With the Confetti feature, you can get detailed insights into search terms, visitors’ sources, and other important information. This usability testing tool offers a number of reports that will help you understand how you can improve your product’s quality and improve the conversion rate of your website or mobile app.

  1.       User Testing

User Testing is a well-known usability testing and UX research tool that is exclusively designed for designers and developers to improve their work quality. With this great tool, you will get accurate customer behavior insights and instant feedback from real users in videos and written summaries. With these reports, you can figure out what your target audience likes, what they don’t like, and the friction points that make them leave your app or website.

User Testing also allows you to test your app or website design on multiple devices so that you can get an idea of how your product works on different platforms. The real-time feedback will help you make positive tweaks in your product design and deliver an out-of-the-box user experience to your customers.

  1.       Optimizely

It is a popular A/B testing tool packed with incredible features and allows brands to track visitors and conversions. From cross-browser testing to multivariate testing, geotargeting to visitor segmentation, you will find a list of great features that make this usability testing tool a must-have choice for your business. With Optimizely, you can test your websites, landing pages, and mobile apps with unique features and dynamic content.

User segmentation allows you to narrow down participants of different geographical locations and to get accurate results. The usability testing tool offers a visual editor for your mobile app UI design team and different APIs and coding options for your development team.

  1.        UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub is a user research platform that helps your design team to make important decisions by collecting valuable data. You can conduct first click tests, navigation tests, design surveys, and preference tests and ask the participants questions. The five-second tests will help you optimize your design by measuring your audience’s first impression. The tool will let you know how visitors perceive your designs, and the test interfaces will help you create an intuitive and delightful experience for users.

  1. UserFeel

It is an easy-to-use and effective user testing tool that gives you short videos of real users when interacting with your app or website. This multilingual user testing tool can test your website, app, or any other digital product on a desktop, mobile, or tablet. Userfeel is packed with highly advanced features, including easy reporting, test summary, highlights videos, filter tests by demographics, screener questions, and the ability to create questions in your preferred formats. The tool also supports automatic voice transcription for multiple languages.

Now It’s Your Turn

All in all, the usability of a website or an app matters most to your brand’s success. These usability testing tools will help you identify the areas that need improvement and deliver a great user experience.

How to Perform UX Audit with These Usability Testing Tools

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