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How To Make The Best Use Of User Generated Content In eCommerce?

It is absolutely no secret that quality content drives a significant amount of organic traffic. The lifestyle and dynamics of today’s customer create a unique and constantly changing medium for their role in advertising your brand. Next to ad campaigns, the correct kind of content can open up a brand to a new segment of the audience around the web for a nominal cost.

Ironically, brands still continue to struggle in crafting engaging content. According to a report, creating engaging content is one of the biggest challenges faced by the marketing world. As per Adweek, user-generated content results in 29% higher web conversion.

How To Make The Best Use Of User Generated Content In eCommerce?

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E-Commerce websites often enjoy a distinctive benefit over those who only deal with a tangible product(s). It gives you an opportunity of not having to produce or create anything when you source User- Generated Content, and leverage that in your e-commerce store.

User- Generated Content (UGC):

User-Generated Content is any form of content that is provided by your consumers, customers, visitors, and clients, without any compensation in return. Videos, photos, comments, and hash-tags created by your users and submitted to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are all commonly used examples of this concept of marketing.

Authenticity is extremely crucial these days. It allows people to relate to your business and categorize you as a reliable company. UGC broadcasts your brand and makes it appear more genuine, which is ideal for gaining leads over the line.

UGC is refreshing, and it beats stock photos and cookie cutter ads users see online. They might also be an element of an advertisement, but they inherently give the impression that they are just organic content. It considerably encourages users to consider trying the product and makes them intrigued.

The Best Use of User Generated Content in E-Commerce

Here are few of the better uses of UGC in e-commerce.

Creation of Brand Awareness

User-Generated Content is proving to be one of the best ways in forming and promoting brand awareness about a new product. Starbucks, for example, is quite good at taking advantage of it.

This UGC sets a few skilled intentions in motion:

  • Before a product launch, the UGC builds a high level of expectation. It is pivotal to share your product before it drops on your site with a few selective influencers who can snap pictures while interacting with them.
  • This also persuades other users to share their views about the brand and its product, adding to the chain of content marketing.
  • The use of hashtags can help consumers discover other HGC and post new photos that can enrich the message.

Showcase of Product Benefits

There are some brands that need to get quite creative with their user-generated content. This is in relation to the industry that the firm belongs to; a company selling something like software has to be innovative to engage and capture the market.

(Source: www.buffer.com)

Buffer is designed to make it easy and simple for brands to schedule and share content from almost anywhere in the world. The company was quite creative in their use of UGC. It has created the #BufferSpaces hash-tags to encourage customers to share pictures and videos of their respective workplaces.

Allow Yourself to be Tagged on Instagram:

Instagram has become an unbelievably large part of today’s online marketing; eCommerce businesses seem to especially love the platform as it is all about photos, which eCommerce customers love. If your eCommerce business has an account on Instagram, make sure you’re your tag settings are on default so that, when someone tags a photo or video of you, it will automatically be added to your profile.

People who follow an eCommerce brand on social media are quite interested in its user-generated content. As shown in the example of Offer Factor below, it works wonders for your brand when customers are able to tag you in their posts in the following ways:

  • It spreads positive word of mouth
  • It helps increase traffic on your pages and website
  • It helps you engage with a larger audience
  • It helps build trust in your potential customers

Link E-Commerce Ads with UGC

It is not a universal rule to restrict user-generated content to your site only. You can be a bit more creative and can share UGC organically across numerous social channels, which is recommended, but you can also get a lot more done by using these for advertising campaigns.

Customers are always connected with each other thanks chiefly to the massive internet usage. They trust each other’s views and opinions over brand advertising, so it is highly imperative to incorporate their reviews into your ads.

Perfect Locks does it fabulously well, by combining targeted copy alongside customer reviews for a more engaging and compelling ad.

(Source: www.perfectlocks.com)

The Bottom Line

Positive user-generated content is considered to be the holy grail of the modern day marketing world. UGC involves customers reaching out and voicing out their satisfaction on social media or on your site.

It’s the same effect of seeing people waiting in line for the latest cronut or pastry sensation and you assume it to be delicious on the basis of the long waiting of public.

How To Make The Best Use Of User Generated Content In eCommerce?

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