How to Highlight Your Brand On and Offline

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Branding is essential and sets your goods or services apart from all the others. Let’s be honest; there is tons of competition out there already, but it can be a true game-changer when you know how to highlight your brand both online and offline correctly. Our marketing pros have a list of recommendations that have the potential to capture the attention of your customers and prospects successfully.

Branded Merchandise

Let’s begin offline with some tried and true basics. People love promotional stuff that boosts a company’s logo. Branding merchandise is an effective promotional tool and never goes out of style.

Think about some of the items with your logo on them that you would enjoy receiving yourself, for example. These could include attractive company apparel such as cool tee-shirts, hoodies, jackets, baseball caps, knit beanies, and more.

You could add water bottles, keyrings, and mugs with your company logo, also.

Open House

Offline marketing could also feature opening your doors to the public and boosting your presence in the community. For example, people can learn more about you and your business in a fun and relaxed setting and be introduced to products and services at a business open house.

It’s an economical marketing approach and one that people enjoy attending, especially if your company offers some promotions and discounts during the open house.

Business Cards

Maybe because we live and thrive in a digital world, you would assume that the old-fashioned business card would be dead, but truly, it is not.

Business cards are still relevant and convenient to hand out at networking events and when you meet prospective customers on business and non-business occasions.

A well-designed, professional business card is still a plus, so remember to add your social information to your card so that your new connections can look you up online and learn more about you.

You should also have available a digital version of your business card in clickable, interactive file form.

Blog Content

Online, you also have a wide range of ideas for bringing attention to your brand. One of these is through blogging, and it’s an excellent marketing tool when the content is of high quality.

Building a blog is essential, and when done right, can help drive traffic by piquing the interest of Google. It also authoritatively gives you business street cred.

Insta Influencers

By now, you know how powerful social media can be, namely Instagram. Talk about getting the word out and potentially capturing millions of views from around the globe. This is where the role of the influencer comes in.

These savvy social media stars can help spread your company’s message and improve your company’s image fast and creatively. When hiring an influencer, look for one who genuinely loves your product.

It’s no secret how influential Instagram has become for branding. For example, the volume of sponsored content on Instagram was projected to amount to 4.95 million posts in 2019.

YouTube Tutorials

Here is yet another smart way to highlight your brand online. YouTube is a social media platform that is extremely popular. Just look at the numbers:

As of 2020, there were an estimated 2.1 billion YouTube users worldwide, which is an incredible place to interact with an audience. You could provide tutorials about your company’s products or services, for instance, and make your brand more visible to the masses.

You want to be creative but always stay true to your brand where your video strategy stands out from the others and gets consumers talking.

Webinar Workshop

Are you an authority in your field?

If so, then why not get out there, engage and educate your audience during a webinar?

You could host your webinar and introduce your product or service and position yourself as an expert. The webinar could feature a presentation hosted online or a lecture or video workshop. You could share ideas, knowledge, and more with people from around the world.

Your company’s brand or image means everything, and with the stiff competition around today, you want to rise above all of the rest. You can achieve this online and offline with the proper techniques described above.

How to Highlight Your Brand On and Offline

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