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How to Get Verified Amazon Reviews

As a small business who uses Amazon, reviews are the lifeblood that keeps my products in front of people. With reviews, my product rank is better on search pages, even if I don’t pay for advertising. Asking how to get verified Amazon reviews is a good step into this beneficial practice.


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In the interest of getting you off the ground as quickly as possible, this article is for people who have products listed on Amazon but aren’t seeing the sales figures that they want. We want to help you take immediate action to get reviews on Amazon and get back on the road to Amazon success.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

  • Amazon Product Page – This tutorial wouldn’t do much good if you didn’t already have a product page launched or about to launch. Since we’re talking about getting reviews, there must be a place to collect them. Ensure well-appointed product pages with clear pictures and the right keywords means people will find you. The reviews will be what seals the deal on new sales. For the best results, make sure to fill out all the fields on your product page. Be prepared to answer questions posted to the page.
  • Automated Order Feedback – Amazon has an automated order feedback system. If you do not know where it is in Seller Central, then your Amazon customers have been getting a standardized form email requesting feedback, if they get one at all. Over the course of this article, we will edit this into a more welcoming message. Regarding this system, take a couple of moments to find the Feedback Manager in your Seller Central. Look at the message and imagine how you would feel receiving it.
  • Email System – Not everyone will have this system, and that is perfectly fine. By email system, I mean a list of contact details that people have provided that does not come from Amazon. These details come from people who sign up directly for it, off Amazon, through your website or newsletter lead page.

If you do not have an email list to go with your email system, consider starting one. You can include a link to collect the emails in your packaging materials as well.

Step by Step Instructions

Mind the Amazon Rules

The first step is to understand the rules put forth by Amazon. While you’re using their platform, abide by the rules or they may disable your account. The associated rules make obtaining perfect reviews more difficult, however, the product reviews will stay around longer.

Amazon’s rules prohibit suggesting people leave five-star reviews. It even goes so far as to forbid requesting positive reviews. Incentivized reviews are also against the rules, including offering a discount on their next purchase. Amazon has also been known to not place the verified badge on reviews for items sold for more than a 20% discount.

With that in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for reviews. You can ask people to share their thoughts or help other shoppers with their honest opinion. You can encourage people to write more in their reviews and attach pictures as well. The rules leave a lot of wiggle room to obtain reviews.

Personalize Your Automated Feedback Request

Amazon already does some of the arduous work for you. The automated feedback emails appear when your customers are most likely to leave a review for the products on Amazon without you having to do anything. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to these emails, at least initially.

Instead of just turning on this feature, it’s time for you to customize it. Take some time to put in a little about your company and the product. Try to tie in a little bit of personal information too, such as what this product means to you. All this builds rapport and leads to the next step.

Once you’ve connected with the reader, it’s time to ask for a review. Let the reader know how much a review would mean to you and to your company. Encourage them to follow the link to the review page. Since it’s done in an Amazon system, you know that they bought the product, and will thus be an Amazon verified purchase review.

There is also a slick way of getting a consistent flow of reviews our team published at Zon.Tools, entitled: How to Get Verified Amazon Reviews Daily

Put the Word Out to Your Email List

Using a private email list that’s unconnected to Amazon, you increase your potential reviewer pool. Sometimes people don’t review when Amazon sends them the feedback request. Other times they want to spend more time with the product. Either way, they ended up on your email list.

When phrasing this email, it’s important to rely on the rapport you have already built through other emails. Instead of posing it as a question, make it into a favor. Ask people if they’d take a few minutes and tell them how much it means to you personally. You’ll be surprised at how many take you up on it.

Be Responsive

One of the more dread pieces about asking for reviews is then having to follow up. Good reviews require thanks as part of customer service. Bad reviews need management, so as not to frighten future customers. All of this takes time, sometimes when you don’t feel like it.

Since bad reviews have a more detrimental impact than positive reviews, it’s particularly important you handle them as soon as they appear. Reach out to the reviewer and ask if you can solve the problem. Do your best to follow through. Once you’ve done that, let it rest. Requesting someone change their review, even if it is one of the prestigious verified reviews, can come across as uncouth.

In the event you end up with unjust negative reviews, Amazon does have a process to remove them. It requires you to present a logical argument why that review is inaccurate and may take you a few times to complete.


Amazon reviews, especially verified Amazon purchase reviews, carry weight in the product ranking algorithm. In my business, I treat them like gold and go out of my way to ask for reviews. If you too can get more reviews, then all the better.

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How to Get Verified Amazon Reviews

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