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How to Get Users to Actually Use the Mobile Tools You Give Them

The results are in and it’s clear what you need to do. Mobile search has become a dominant internet marketing trend. If you’re not getting with the program you’ll be behind.

Amongst all that panic about app development and what on earth makes a site mobile responsive anyway, it’s easy to get lost and focus on the tools you need rather than who they’re for and what that audience needs.

The long-term purpose is to make you more money, but what does a mobile app, or a mobile site mean for the end user? What’s the connection between mobile and sales? What are you actually spending your money on?

How to Get Users to Actually Use the Mobile Tools You Give Them

Think Behaviour, Not Technology

Listen, you likely need the tech. Especially in eCommerce, the jury’s made up their mind: At some point, a large chunk of people are going to want to interact with you on mobile.

However, that is not the end of the story. App stores are flooded with apps that get opened once and never used again. A mobile search doesn’t necessarily mean a conversion. Attaining and then tracking customers on mobile requires more than technology. It requires a study of user behavior and incentives for users to log in to your service and follow through on tasks.

Focusing on Incentives

The key to making good use of mobile, as opposed to those who toss money down a well for the sake of keeping up, is to give users real incentive to log in and perform — or at least begin — activities on their phones.

From there, you can start tracking useful metrics and optimizing to increase sales. Just remember it all starts with knowing your audience. Get comfortable with the goals, pain points, and needs of your business’ target market. Think about what most incentivizes them to use a service. Solve their problems.

A useful tool fulfills a function, solves a problem, and makes itself indispensable in a user’s life. Analyze the apps and mobile tools used across industries, because only a few apps in each area actually get used. Those are the tools that offer the best use case to their target audiences.

The Right Incentives in the Right Places

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Now it’s time to decide why your users will download your app or log in to your website from their phones. What sorts of activities do they perform on mobile? Which tasks do they begin on mobile and the complete on other devices?

It’s time to start making things convenient. Sync tasks that you expect to be regularly performed so that logging in lets users save their progress across devices. Incentivize the login process by associating perks and bonuses with having and using an account.

This article will explain the importance of mobile optimization for e-commerce businesses, offering some tools and tips for marketers to maximize their content marketing outreach to reach more mobile users. Make sure your tools are optimized for speed and performance.

Use push notifications, social media, and other alerts to remind customers of the advantages of their account and spread information about loyalty rewards.

Remember, the difference between spending money on a fad and investing wisely to boost your bottom line is whether you’ve thought about how customers interact with you and how to make it easier. Make sure that research is the first step.

How to Get Users to Actually Use the Mobile Tools You Give Them



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