How to Get Sponsors on Instagram

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Instagram has become a great platform to show off your brand and merchandise the products. Several brands and startups have witnessed amazing results just by focusing on their Instagram marketing. There’s no second thought that Instagram ads are highly effective when generating leads and getting sales. Small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford to invest in Instagram ads to run their marketing campaign.

The best alternative is to go for Influencer marketing, which is cost-effective and can bring some serious results. The trend of Influencer marketing is beneficial for both ends, i.e., Influencers and brands.

Today, in this article, we will share basic techniques of how Influencers can get sponsors, regardless of the size of their following.

Find the Niche

Finding a relevant and less competitive niche is one of the important steps of getting sponsors. Brands are always looking for Influencers who have better relevance to their particular niche.

Let’s say you are running a fitness brand, selling the relevant stuff. Your ideal Influencer would be any Bodybuilder who has an active audience on Instagram. Similarly, for the T-shirt brand, a perfect Influencer can be a Model, having good face-value and popular among your targeted audience.

Use Hashtags & Geotags

According to SuperViral Australia’s research, Using hashtags and geotags in content strategy is a crucial aspect of every successful Instagram marketing campaign. It has proven that posts with the right hashtags get more number of likes and comments. An Influencer can use these hashtags to target a particular place or niche and let the brands find you.

Other than this, one can also tag the brands on your posts to get yourself notice. This is the easiest way to reach brands. Therefore you’ve to try to get maximum engagement at that post or content.

Build an Active Community

After securing your first few thousand followers, you need to pay attention to how you can build an active and engaging community. Holding contests, actively posting Instagram stories, funny & interesting content are some of the common ways.

Targeting the engagement rate is a way through which you can build an active community. While targeting the engagement rate, you are focusing on multiple aspects.

Be Consistent

Consistency is vital for any Influencers, as it keeps on engaging your followers. A brand or businesses also prefer such Influencers who have an active newsfeed. If you are not posting content on the newsfeed, make sure you’re using Instagram Stories to get in touch with your followers.

If you couldn’t give enough time to your Instagram account, the best way is to start scheduling the content. But I’d suggest you keep on interacting with your followers, either through replying or getting feedback.

Focus on Maximizing the Following

However, you can even get the sponsors with just a few thousand active followings, but you need to steadily accelerate your growth. If your budget permits, you can even hire an Instagram marketer, who can help you in maximizing the following and engagement ratio.

But, there’s another cost-effective way available, which can bring delightful results, even more, faster. To buy Instagram followers from any trusted service provider, you may visit here. Keep on focusing on natural means as well. This way will surely impact your growth ratio, and ultimately, your follower count will continue growing.

Identify and Reach out to Relevant Brands

To get your first sponsor, you can even reach out to the brand yourself. For that, analyze your niche and identify the most relevant and appropriate brands. Then, prepare your portfolio that can impress them.

Being an Instagram marketer, I’d suggest you create your unique content style that can become your identity. An innovative idea can make your video viral, and one single video can do wonders with your visibility and following.

Key Takeaways:

The key idea is to have a loyal fanbase and a unique content style; then, it isn’t difficult to get the sponsors. Your profile is your portfolio; therefore, it should be appealing enough to win the first impression. Many micro-Influencers haven’t even cross 4-figures of following, but they are generating huge income.

Hopefully, now you got some clue how to attract the sponsors and start earning as soon as possible.

How to Get Sponsors on Instagram

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