How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Product in 6 Steps
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How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Product in 6 Steps


Affiliate marketing is one of the most influential marketing efforts, and businesses are arming themselves with a selection of affiliates. Thus, you should start finding bloggers to promote your product to stay relevant in the competitive marketplace.

However, this can be a tricky procedure to find out the best bloggers in your niche and pursue them to work with your business. Here, we will discuss how you can find bloggers to promote your products.

How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Product in 6 Steps

Finding Bloggers to Promote Your Product

It is always beneficial and important to take some time to research and prepare before starting your affiliate marketing program. In addition, you will need to reach out to multiple bloggers and ask them to promote your products.

In our expert opinion, here are the steps you should follow to find out the most eligible blogger to promote your business products:

    • Find out bloggers in your business niche
    • Find out the best possible way to reach the blogger
    • Offer them good reasons to work with you
    • Consider guest blogging to enhance your credibility
    • Get familiar with the blogs that your desired bloggers run
    • Build a relationship with the blogger

Let’s discuss these steps in detail to get the best possible results from your bloggers:

Finding the Bloggers

The first thing you need to do when looking for bloggers is, make a list of bloggers that work closely with your business niche. If the blogger works in a niche with no distant relation to your business, you will fail to generate any benefits from them.

For example, if your business deals with arts and you are considering a blogger from the health niche, they may not be able to redirect much traffic to your website. So you can chalk out the relevant niche around your business first to stay extra careful.

Ensure the blogger you are hiring is followed by an audience that resonates with your business’s target audience. This will allow your products to reach people who are interested in your product. It will also increase the interest of the blogger you are reaching out to.

You can Google the relevant theme for your product to see who is working in your niche. Then, start to list bloggers and websites that fit your requirements.

Reaching out to the Bloggers

Some bloggers, influencers, and websites make it simple to reach out to them. For example, they may add a button with their content where anyone can reach them. However, you may also find bloggers who are not as easy to reach.

You can reach them by doing thorough research. Some bloggers may share their social media information, and some you will have to find out by yourself. Once you find their social media info, you can directly approach them in their message box.

It is also possible that you may want to work with a blogger who is not available on any platform you can think of. In those cases, you can contact their editors or content manager.

Reasoning with the Bloggers

Once you have found your desired blogger’s contact details, it is time to reach out. First, however, you will need to find out the benefits you can offer them to make them consider why they should work with you.

Bloggers can offer multiple benefits to business owners. However, if the relationship is not transactional, most bloggers may not want to affiliate themselves with a business. Therefore, when reaching out to the bloggers, you want to work with, mention what you can do for them.

You can offer bloggers monetary benefits, affiliate commissions, and even a chance for better exposure. However, make sure the trade is fair to both parties. Otherwise, you can lose your blogger and your business’s reputation.

Guest Blogging to Enhance Credibility

If you want renowned bloggers to work with your business, simply reaching out to them may not offer you the best benefits. Therefore, you can take up guest blogging to enhance your business credibility.

You can either employ a few people to write stuff for your business to smaller blogs to start building your brand image. It will show that you have previously worked with other bloggers and can expose you to a better audience pool.

Also, bloggers will be more intrigued to work with your business when they see those blogs.

Research the Blogs that Your Desired Blogger Runs

In most cases, bloggers are more inclined to work with people familiar with their work. If a business owner reaches out to a blogger without knowing the blogger’s work, it can cause a serious information gap, and the conversation may not be effective.

Thus, as a business owner, when you are reaching out to bloggers, make sure you research their work beforehand. Then, you can mention your liked works and understand their writing styles and tones. Then, mention how these factors can help out your business.

Additionally, researching blogs will help you determine what kind of content you want for your business. Also, you will get to know the clients they are working with and if there is a chance of competition. Finally, it will help you avoid any awkward conversations that may occur.

Building Relationships

As mentioned above, bloggers work with people familiar with their work. So, you can start by commenting on their work, sharing them, following the bloggers on social media, sharing your thoughts about their work, and many more.

Bloggers who see that you are genuinely interested in their work will be more intrigued to work with your business.

However, make sure not to overdo it. When you overdo this kind of thing, it will come off as stalking rather than genuinely interested in their work.

Bottom Line

So, here are all the best practices you can adopt to find the best bloggers and promote your business product. Make sure you follow all these guidelines properly to avoid any missteps.

You can also reach out to marketing agencies to help you find bloggers. It may cost you a bit, but it will help you avoid the significant time and effort of finding bloggers on your own.

How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Product in 6 Steps

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