How to Come Up with a Catchy Company Name
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How to Come Up with a Catchy Company Name


Many people face difficulties in finding the perfect name for their brand. To begin with, you should pay attention to the Turbologo name generator. This online service can help you decide on the naming and style for your company. What is naming? It would seem that there is nothing complicated here because it’s just some word that anyone can come up with, but not everything is so simple because there are many “pitfalls” in this process.

Criteria for a good name: 

  • Memorability – the name should be well perceived by the target audience. Preference is given to short names because the shorter, the easier it is to remember the name. However, names longer or consisting of 2 or 3 words also have a chance of success if they are easily read and perceived. Additionally, longer titles have a better chance of patent purity.
  • Patent purity is the ability to register a naming as a trademark or a legal entity.
  • Absence of negative emotions – when choosing a name, remember that it should not mean or hint at something negative or disparaging; the target audience may react sharply to such a name. If the name does not have a clear meaning, check its translation into different languages to avoid negative meanings in different languages.
  • Conciseness – ease of readability, ease of perception. Avoid complex combinations of letters, preferably the harmonious presence of vowels and consonants. Try the “phone test,” dictating the name by phone to your friends or acquaintances; if they do not ask “How?” everything is fine with the name.

Ways to come up with a name.

A good name for a company can help you stand out from competitors in the market, and it’s easy for your customers to remember you. And it may also become a reason for free advertising in the future because your customers will talk and remember your brand. Below are the most successful ways that will help you come up with a unique name: 

  1. The use of foreign words. Ancient or modern languages are a great way to create a unique name. So, Volvo comes from the Latin “volvere” (“I’m rolling”), and Xerox — from the Greek phrase “dry letter.”
  2. The name or surname of the founder. If any other names do not inspire you, why not use your own? Many of the most famous brands were the names of their inventors or owners. For example, Adidas (named after Adolf Dassler)
  3. Online generators. Services that automate the naming process and help you find fresh ideas. The most famous generator is Turbologo. With this service, you can get your company’s unique and creative name. You can continue the process indefinitely until you find an option that will satisfy you.
  4. Inspiration from literature or mythology. Do you have a passion for literature or history? Pay attention to the Greek and Roman legends! For example, ASUS (from the mythical winged horse Pegasus) and Nike (victory goddess Victoria).
  5. Mixing. Mix two or more words that matter to you and your business. Some examples are Lego (from the Danish “good leg,” which means “play well”).
  6. Physical characteristics – the product line, the location of the company, working hours, etc. So, the name Volkswagen came from the phrase “people’s car” (for the main product), Palmolive — from the words “palm” and “olive” (oils based on which soap was brewed), and Carrefour — from the French word “crossroads” (the first store was located there). 


When developing a brand name, you must choose one that will “serve” the company for many years. The chosen name should reflect the company’s best qualities, represent it in the market, and break its way to the top of the rating. After creating the name, check the received name in Google to make sure that this name is not occupied by someone else. Then, use our tips for naming. And if it doesn’t work out, feel free to use the Turbologo generator, which works online.

How to Come Up with a Catchy Company Name

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