How to Combine SEO Factors with Web Design Elements

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One of the most crucial aspects of a business website is its web design. It is also a crucial part of the business website’s overall search engine optimization process. Many business owners follow the formula of building the website first and then worry about the whole search engine optimization process later. It isn’t easy to create a good business website from free resources. It can take hours of work to rectify the errors these websites would be filled with, and most of the mistakes will stem from some error in the web development process. This short article will help you understand why combining the right proportions of SEO factors with design elements in a new business website is important.

How to Combine SEO Factors with Web Design Elements

It is always important to have web development and SEO in mind when making a new website. Certain SEO platforms will work better than others, and you are well-advised to use them judiciously.

How to Combine SEO Factors with Web Design Elements
How to Combine SEO Factors with Web Design Elements

CMS and web builders:

If you are not good with your coding, you will see that several web development projects use basic web builders or perhaps a more complicated CMS or content management system. Website builders would be quite familiar with those who understand Search engine optimization. Several website builder tools on the internet can build a website for a nominal fee.

The website builders will incorporate several drag-and-drop options in the user interface, making it quite easy for those who want to build websites without requiring a professional developer. For this reason, the website builders will offer you lower prices, which is best for several small-end businesses. But this will lower the scale of the website and its sophistication. Website builders offer many intuitive features to stylize the website, but the developers would not like to change the file builder they are hosting.

It is for this specific reason that a lot of developers would rather like to work with CMS because they are more flexible in functionality. A content management system is software that will enable the developers to keep and store the overall structural content of a website on their site.

By using CMS, developers would be able to easily:

  1. Add the HTML they want
  2. Make do with the .htaccess files in any way they want.
  3. They would be able to organize the content on the website in whichever way they want.
  4. CMS platform will also provide them with the themes or templates they want to help make their web development process easier.

The advantages that a website builder will have are:

  1. Easy to operate.
  2. It is relatively cheaper.
  3. You will have the coveted drag-and-drop features.

But the problems which you may face are:

  1. There are very limited options for independent web development.
  2. Not a good structure of the URL
  3. The page sizes can be limited at times.

The specific advantages of having a content management system:

  1. More flexibility and sophistication
  2. Easier with data management
  3. Management of .htaccess files
  4. More plugins and tools for your SEO
  5. More intuitive user interface
  6. Easy and simple to work with

The only disadvantage of the CMS system is that creating a website will be a more difficult process initially. However, the CMS will still provide more useful search engine optimization factors.

Some of the essential things that you must look after when you are creating a new business website are:

  1. The budget that you can afford.
  2. The levels of expertise that you have.
  3. The central purpose of your website.
  4. The specific program that can suit your business best.
Some of the essential SEO factors that your web design needs to take into account
Some of the essential SEO factors that your web design needs to take into account

Some of the essential SEO factors that your web design needs to take into account:

  1. The optimization of your images: You must optimize the sizes of your images so that they can load up easily without taking too much time.
  2. The colors and compositions in the design will include all the major color combinations you use. Starting with the background colors on the pages, to the colors of the text and the colors of your images. It is important to have a more coherent combination that can provide easy cohesion and not look too confusing to a user.
  3. The loading speed of your page: Your web design must be simple enough for the website to load within three or fewer seconds. Users do not like spending time on websites that take a long time to open, so you must ensure that your website can open quickly. Otherwise, the users will only move away to your competitors’ websites. Search engine bots can pick this up, lowering your website’s ranks in search engine results pages and lowering your traffic.
  4. Simple and clean: Web design must be simple and uncluttered. Users must be able to locate the information they need easily, and it must be a fluid experience.

These factors are all part of the web designing process. It would be best if you considered them when finalizing the design of your business website. You should check out Web Designer NY for more information on creating the best web designs for your business website.


Content management systems and website builders have different advantages and disadvantages and are suited for different clients. However, it is essential to consider the SEO factors when designing your business website. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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