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How to Close a Sale: 12 Sales Tips for Success [Infographic]

Generating high-quality leads is an important part of the entire sales process. It may be challenging for some people. In fact, 42% of sales representatives say prospecting is the hardest part of their job, followed by closing sales – 36%.

Sealing deals requires lots of work. Sales representatives need to be prepared for different situations, including pushback and objections.

When it comes to closing a sale, salespeople need to learn every piece of information related to their prospects, company, unique needs, struggles, interests, etc. 

Use these sales closing techniques to convince your buyers to take action now.

Who couldn’t use an arsenal of effective selling techniques? This infographic includes 12 selling techniques that can help you improve the way you sell. 

12 selling techniques: Overview

  • Spot the Right Triggers
  • Encourage Sales and Marketing Collaboration
  • Automate Wherever You Can
  • Build a Trustworthy Relationship
  • Always, Always Follow-up
  • Be Human
  • Create a Sense of Urgency
  • Share Useful Information or News 
  • Use Social Proof
  • Getting Them to Say “Yes” or “Yes”
  • Use Sales Closing Lines 
  • Ask One More Time

How to Close a Sale - Infographic


Source: Guide to Creating Your Lead Generation Funnel by Albacross

How to Close a Sale – Lead Generation

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