How to Choose a Reliable Hosting Service 
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How to Choose a Reliable Hosting Service 

If you are reading this post it means that you are already informed of what hosting is. Also, it means that you solved out the domain purchase, or plan to purchase it from your hosting company and now you are at the main crossroad – which hosting to choose?

First of all, it is very important to understand what website you will be running as that will suggest what infrastructure/hosting capacity you should use. If you are looking for something easy and bolt on – you may try going here.  

Let’s get over some basic products that you might see.

  1. Shared hosting – one of the most popular options. It means that you and several other users are sharing virtual space on the hosting serves. Each of you has his/her dedicated space, so do not be worried about privacy or security. Shared hosting is very popular due to its low price.

  2. VPS – next level in the website hosting capacity evolution. VPS stands for a virtual private server. For your website, it means more speed as your visitors do not “queue” with others like in the shared hosting. So if you are having bigger capacity load to handle VPS is the way to go.

  3. The third and usually the final step of the hosting evolution is dedicated hosting. It means that you have the whole server just for yourself. No sharing with anybody else. The website is running at full speed and you are fully using your own rented capacity.

In all of those 3 categories, you will also have a variety of subcategories. Usually starting from a basic package in each category ranging to the most packed offer.

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That applies to shared, VPS and dedicated.  Details of those packages depend on hosting providers.

What I would suggest is buying your domain separately at the domain registrar so you are sure that you have full control of the domain name and it is not linked to the actual hosting provider that you are using at the moment.

The next suggestion would be – start at basic packages. If you are looking for a way to start your website cheap, reliable and easy – head to this article (How to install WordPress on Hostgator) with the guide and discount coupon for your hosting.

When your site will reach a particular milestone, you can upgrade to a bigger hosting package. The upgrade is very easy so there is no need to rush into more expensive products right from the start.

After you will grow even more, into hundreds of thousands of visits a month, you may consider some lesser mainstream hosting providers that can prepare you a solution tailored for your particular needs. But before that moment comes, save the money on content for your website, after all – hosting packages do no guarantee visitors 🙂

How to Choose a Reliable Hosting Service

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