How to Build Peer to Peer Hobby and Sports Equipment Rental Marketplace

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How to Build Peer to Peer Hobby and Sports Equipment Rental Marketplace for Australia

Peer-to-peer rental marketplace provides an opportunity for startup firms to be a part of the collaborative economy.

As per the survey by Ibisworld, Statistics depict that revenue generated by the hiking and outdoor equipment stores industry is around $6.6 billion in 2021.”

The P2P hobby and sports equipment rental marketplace has ignited the idea of unforgettable traveling experiences, connecting with new people, and customers getting the chance to explore from boat to bike to treks on a global scale.

There are a lot of categories of hobby and sports equipment that can be rented. Please have a look at the same for more details:-

  • Skiing and snowboarding gear rental
  • Hiking & Camping equipment rental
  • Surfing gear rental
  • Scuba equipment rental
  • Biking gear rental
  • Accessories rental


  1. Target Market Research — Initiate by researching out for your potential customers and competitors that assist in dealing with the business.
  2. Defining the Geolocation — You need to start searching out for the geographical area for easy accessibility.
  3. Inventory Mapping — Mapping out your inventory is about knowing what you have, how much you have, and how you’re going to keep track of equipment being checked out and returned.
  4. Compliance Requirements — You are required to go through the mandatory permissions & licenses for starting such a marketplace in Australia.
  5. Look out for marketplace Software — Focus on looking out for an online rental marketplace solution that caters to build a marketplace with top-notch features.

Yo!Rent is a white label and scalable rental software that provides various customizable features to build a peer-to-peer hobby and sports equipment rental marketplace in Australia.


Below are some of the outstanding features offered by Yo!Rent that makes it an ideal one:-

  • Customizability — Yo!Rent provides an option to customize the marketplace as per individual business needs and book out on any smart device such as mobile phones, desktops, or tablets at any time of the day.
  • Search and custom filters — The white label solution helps keep track of the hobby and sports equipment as per their availability and maintenance.
  • Smart-Review Management — The software gives your customers an advantage to rate their experience. This way, the feedback acts out as a more valuable one. It also enables the website marketplace owner to keep track of the vendor performance.
  • An in-built live chat feature for vendors and buyers — Yo!Rent helps create a website that provides a smooth browsing and communication experience, having an in-built chatting feature for vendors & buyers.
  • Order Management System — It is used to track inventory and prevent double-booking. An online software assists in consolidating all the necessary information into an accessible and shareable dashboard.
  • Real-Time Stock availability — The scalable software assists in allowing the customers to view the booked and available inventory in real-time.
  • In-built reporting and analytics — Yo!Rent software helps check the sales report through the in-built reports and analytics feature of the hobby and sports equipment rental website.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways — Revenue is generated through the commission, banner advertisements, subscription models, and PPC. Yo!Rent gives the leverage for handling the payments securely by choosing various available options as per requirement.

If you are excited to know more about us, you can check out our live demo on Yo!Rent page. Go ahead to check out all interfaces!

How to Build Peer to Peer Hobby and Sports Equipment Rental Marketplace

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