How to Accelerate Online Sales Post Coronavirus Lockdown

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The Coronavirus pandemic has crushed every business in such a devastating way that all the economies cannot recover. Even though the governments worldwide are striving hard to ramp up production and manufacturing by providing economic packages, low bank loan rates, financial assistance, etc., it is still quite challenging for every business to accelerate its sales. 

This is because people lost their jobs, and now they don’t have the cash to buy the commodities. The purchasing power of the average consumer has decreased exponentially. Moreover, it won’t be possible for any customer to visit your shop. Thus, having a website and an app is the only way of selling the products/services. 

But another question that hits our mind: “Will having a website and app ramp up my sales for sure?”

Even if the government puts an end to the lockdown, people will hardly visit the shops to remain immune to the virus. So, the web is the only solution. But having said that, you have to optimize the website and bring traffic to it. Digital Marketing will help you boost up sales during as well as a post-COVID-19 lockdown. 

One must make sure that typical digital marketing strategies won’t work now! Your digital marketers have to etch out a unique plan for your business. Business people with a minimum budget can even opt for freelance digital marketers who can help them without much investment. 

Social media being the most critical component of digital marketing, your business must launch some attractive social media campaigns to popularize your product. Let’s discuss some more plans that can boost your company’s sales:

A.  Understand The Power Of Social Media 

The lockdown has increased users’ numbers on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. But catching the eyes of the users on these social media platforms is quite tricky. A person spends around 2-3 hours per day on social media. However, if you plan a concrete social media campaign, you can get more new customers. 

B.  Post Stories Regularly 

Using eye-catching posters and videos, post stories every day and engage the followers. Involve them in some activities, e.g., asking the reviews, organizing some quizzes, etc. Post about recent happenings and engaging content.

C.  Use Of Hashtags 

Generally, people forget the use of hashtags. Hashtags help you in increasing the reach of your post. Also, the more the number of comments, the more people will visit your page, and thus more will be the number of followers. 

D.  Get Customers To Your Website 

Provide your website link in your page’s bio and ask the customers to review the products. The campaign must relate to your product and the lives of everyday people. In this way, you can build up the brand value of your company.

E.  Include Comparison Guides

Since there are too many options available on the web, you can make a comparison guide for every product/service to attract customers. Try to display the USP of our product or service and highlight it in a better way. 

It can be through videos, testimonials, and reviews on the website. The comparison should be made using the price and features. This strategy can surely help ramp up the sales post lockdown. 

F.  Take Advantage Of ‘FOMO’

The ‘Fear Of Missing Out is an essential component in consumer psychology. Just by creating a sense of urgency, you can spread the message of limited stock, which will be sold within some time. And this strategy will work during this lockdown period as factories have already been shut down, and hardly any production took place. It would be challenging to manage demand.

So, with advertisements such as “Order Now!” or “Only limited stock left!” you can push the customers to make the payment as early as possible. You can also place a visual countdown on your website and social media stories to make the customers feel that stock will end. 

These are some of the tactics of marketing to play with the minds of the customers. Many e-commerce platforms use strategies like including sales pop-ups too. This ultimately leaves the impression that your product is in demand. 


Post lockdown will be very crucial for all industries. Every business will try to increase its sales and will inevitably move towards the option of digital marketing. Till the time lockdown is not fully lifted, you must grab this opportunity to make full use of it. 

This is the time to collect a customer database and build an email marketing list. Through the acquired database, you can do wonders. These were the best ways of helping you in business growth. All these plans, if appropriately implemented, can surely help you get the profits. 

How to Accelerate Online Sales Post Coronavirus Lockdown

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