How Solar Panels are Good for Your Company

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A great deal of marketing for solar panels concentrates on the residential sector. But have you ever thought about how beneficial solar energy could be for your business? The amount of non-renewable fuel your company uses could easily be supplemented by solar panels. In some instances, it could even provide a surplus. Thus, solar panels have many advantages for businesses.

Solar Power is Ideal for Businesses of all Sizes

Every business uses fuel of some sort to power machinery or office equipment. Renewable solar power can help to significantly reduce your energy costs with the help of the sun. Much depends on the access you have to a suitable surface. Most solar panels are placed on the roof, but solar panels are also for walls and exterior land. Almost every business can accommodate them.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Running a successful business is all about surviving and making a profit. Therefore, any measures you take to help increase your profits while reducing your overheads is a worthwhile strategy. It’s the same reasoning as to why you might choose automation tools for your business.

The initial cost of solar panels for a business usually pays for itself in around four years compared to seven years in the residential sector. The panels usually last for up to thirty-five years, which means your solar-powered electricity can be provided free for around three decades.

Saving Money of Fuel

The more solar energy your business can access, the more money can be saved on overheads. Most businesses are thought to see a reduction in their usual fuel bills of between 50% and 75%. It depends on the type of business you run and the amount of non-renewable fuel you can save.

For instance, manufacturing often needs far more energy to operate large, complex machinery than a business in the retail sector. But even if you only use solar power to run a small office, the reduction in fuel bills can benefit your company.

Less Reliance on the Grid

With electricity from the grid, you can never totally plan your expenditure. Fluctuating energy costs from the grid are always unpredictable. In addition, the costs during the day are often higher due to increased demand, placing your business at the forefront of increased payments.

With solar panels, you can budget your expenses far more easily, which is a great advantage when starting a business from scratch. And the more solar panels you can install, the less electricity you’ll need from the grid.

Solar Power when it’s Needed

Your business can still use solar power even on dull, wet days. However, in poor weather, the panels operate at around 25% of their full sunshine capacity.

However, with additional battery storage, your business can store surplus energy for later use. It’s ideal if your company operates shifts during the evening or overnight. Without a battery, any surplus power your business produces is directed to the grid.

Solar Power is a Growing Trend

Climate change is now an important shopping trend in determining which business consumers might approach. Brand image is just as important as the special offers or discounts your company may offer. Shoppers today are concerned that any business they favor demonstrates a positive attitude towards sustainable energy.

By installing panels, your business will instantly be recognized as one that’s serious about reducing its carbon footprint. Accommodating solar energy is an effective marketing ploy that ultimately saves on your company’s expenditure.

Green Tax Initiatives

Most governments are now implementing schemes that encourage business owners to convert to sustainable energy. For example, green initiatives may include listing solar panels as tax-deductible. Some schemes might even include grants towards the installation costs.

There are also opportunities to sell the surplus energy from your business to the grid. Wherever your business is based, it pays to do some research into the tax incentives and schemes available for using solar energy.


Solar panels can be extremely beneficial to your company in saving money and improving your brand image. In addition, using solar power can help your business make considerable savings on energy bills by using sunlight that’s provided free of charge.

Green tax incentives and grants contribute to solar panels being a cost-effective measure for companies of any size, particularly as your business can quickly recoup the initial investment.

By converting to sustainable solar energy, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint, save money and appeal to the ethics of today’s shoppers. In an uncertain world, installing solar panels can help your business survive.

Author Bio:

John Keohane is the owner of JK Services, an electrical contractor who has helped many businesses of all sizes with savings through solar panels.

How Solar Panels are Good for Your Company

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