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How Social Commerce is Influencing eCommerce

Social media is an inevitable part of American life, so much that more than 80% (statista 2008-2018)  are into it. The way social media is changing human life is something that demands more attention from an eCommerce perspective.

Social media js used by people to make purchase decisions. Major brands and those eStore owners who keep up with the social media trends, have a strong brand presence in social media and attract their target audience, effectively. Customers no longer need to leave a social media platform to make a purchase, but rather purchase it directly from one. With this scenario, how should your eCommerce web development address the rise of social commerce in the business?

How Social Commerce is Influencing eCommerce

Let’s dig deep into the various social media channels that can be used to influence your customers and help make them quick purchasing decisions.

Facebook – Shop Section

Shop section on Facebook can help businesses pitch their products easily. In fact, they can boost a particular ad post by choosing a specific demographic of users including how long the ad post should be highlighted or made visible. Basically, you need a shop section for your eCommerce store and then reach your target customers. This also paves way for customers to know the products you sell, with the comfort of browsing them within the Facebook site.

Instagram – Sponsored Posts

Instagram is a great platform to showcase your new products in sponsored posts. Signup your business on Instagram and start sponsoring the posts. From then on, the sponsored ad will appear in the target customer’s newsfeed. The best part of these sponsored posts is that they look different and interesting which means, they are less likely to be skipped like normal ad posts.

Pinterest – Buyable Pins

Buyable pins, as the name suggest, allows Pinterest users to directly buy from the app without logging out. The advantage of pins is that it appears in all search results, related to pins and the business profile within Pinterest. Choosing the correct pin to sponsor, yields higher conversions than regular pins. For using buyable pins, the eCommerce brand should register or sign up as a business on Pinterest.

Mastering the Social Commerce

Social commerce is an emerging field with a rapid growth witnessed in the past few years. So, it would take a little while to reap the full benefits of social commerce. To start with, here is the step-by-step process you should follow when formulating your social commerce strategy.

Step 1: Choose the most suitable social platform where your target customers are active users. Customer data like their social media profiles and their demographics will definitely help find their favorite social platforms. Only when you find that the target customers are using different platforms, a multi-platform social commerce strategy is required.

Step 2: Customize strategy according to the platform. Each social platform engages differently with its user. So, one strategy for all platforms won’t work effectively. Make your deals and offers exclusive to the particular social platform so that customers are hooked to your brand page or post on their favorite social media site. You can establish this fan-following to announce new products and also run contests.

Step 3: Make customers spread your ad campaigns. Have a strong referral strategy that encourages your existing customers to spread your brand ads for incentives. Let them share your offers for a special discount. This not only promotes your brand but expands your user base as well.

Step 4: Let customers buy directly from social platforms. Now you have started promoting your business in social media, have a simple checkout process that allows customers to buy directly from social sites like Facebook, without logging out. This will increase your conversions significantly. Make sure to have a robust social commerce strategy for the 2018 holidays (Read more: How to gear up your eCommerce site for 2018 holidays)


Social commerce has a lot of potential for high conversions and it makes more sense than ever before, to invest in social media advertising. Get the target customer’s attention when they casually surf their social media newsfeeds and increase your chance of sales for faster business growth.

How Social Commerce is Influencing eCommerce

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