How Much Does It Cost to Create A Website

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There are some moments in your life that alter the direction of your life. Mine came when I became frustrated with a 9-5 job. Every day I worked as hard as I could, and even them, I was not able to make my boss happy.

And then it happened. One day I had enough. On that day, I decided to develop my website and start selling those services. It wasn’t easy. I was a content writer, and I knew nothing about website design & development. The only thing I knew was that I had a limited budget for developing a website.

The same scenario is faced by hundreds of entrepreneurs every day. With so many tools on the website, it is now easy to get an estimate on the cost of your website.

Whether it is an eCommerce store or a blog on reviews, every element on the website has costed something. Even a small change can alter the budget of the website. If you are interested in developing a website there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

Whenever you start the project, you should know how much the website will cost in the first place. Every feature will cost something. If you don’t have any idea like me regarding the cost of the site, here is a fantastic infographic by Branex that will help you to give a ball-park figure on the value of website development.

A rough figure will help you to manage the website in your allotted budget. And when you start generating sales, you can add some more items in the list.

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Website

How Much Does It Cost to Create A Website

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