How Much Does It Cost To Build A DoorDash Clone App?

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Doordash Clone App?

According to the current scenario, stepping out of our home to take dinner in a restaurant is a risk. However, in the world of smartphones, we can feel beneficial. Instead of moving out for dinner, we can order the food online from any of the restaurants in the town and get it delivered at our doorsteps within a few minutes of ordering.

There are many on-demand apps available in the market for ordering food online. They allow their customers to order essentials online and get the food delivered at their doorsteps instantaneously without any contact as a safety measure. After all, these applications are fulfilling the customer’s requirements. However, according to the research, the online food ordering market is going through its revolutionary phase in India due to the Covid-19 guidelines.

To live in this world, food ordering companies found out to get more creative and best communicate with frightened and unsure people.

Many famous food ordering applications like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, FoodPanda, etc., are securing the top positions in the food ordering market. Moreover, many restaurants serving their customers offline in the town for many decades are planning to avail their services online to deliver their signature tastes to the customer through digital fashion to make their businesses more super-profitable in a new digital-business wing being brought by smartphones. 

However, many mobile application development companies are trying their best efforts by providing the best possible business ideas and helping the restaurateur develop a mobile application for food ordering to help grow his business in a new direction. Also, many on-demand applications for ordering food online are available, but the DoorDash App got primarily attracted by customers or users.

What is DoorDash(DASH)?

DoorDash is an on-demand food ordering application developing company in the USA. It was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California, and the US. The app allows you to place an order from various local eateries. The app also provides you with delivery professionals known as ‘Dashers’ rather than the restaurants to utilize their delivery professionals. 

After the delivery is completed, a tip is given by an application to the ‘Dashers’ for completing the tasks.

Thus, it makes it simpler for restaurants to initialize their delivery business because they don’t have to appoint other staff. However, because the DoorDash app provides delivery workers, every restaurateur needs to pay fees for utilizing their delivery and gaining orders from an application to DoorDash.

Every restaurateur needs to make the payments based on relations that an outlet establishes. Then, depending on their earnings, a restaurant needs to pay the fees every month, based on prices per order, or be commission-based.

Workflow of the DoorDash App

  • Every customer/buyer logs into the system & goes through the menu of famous restaurants around their region. It also shows you the popular restaurants.
  • Now, customers/users place an order with the restaurants after going through the list of restaurants and menus.
  • They can also schedule the order and deliver it at another defined time.
  • After the payment process is done, the users can also track their orders in real-time.
  • The restaurant then processes the order once the payment is placed by the customer/user.
  • The navigation system in-app then facilitates the ‘Dasher’ to reach the delivery location.
  • If the customer/user is satisfied with the food, he can give the ratings and reviews. If not satisfied, the same food can be shared with anyone in the application.

What features can you expect from an App like DoorDash?

Building an app similar to DoorDash is not at all an easy task. Before switching it to the developing phase of an app, develop an application demo and provide it to the users for review and then build an app based on reviews and suggestions received. Because preparing a DoorDash Clone application without analyzing the market space wouldn’t be appropriate utilization of the resources. The DoorDash Clone provides the following four interfaces with some features:

Customer App:

  • Easy Social Media Sign Login
  • Explore the restaurants nearby
  • Manage Profile
  • Truck Driver
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Discounts and Promos
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Add Favorites

Stores App:

  • Manage food items
  • Manage payments
  • Update inventory
  • Order history
  • Add/ edit/ block
  • Rate and reviews

Admin Panel:

  • Manage the orders and service providers
  • Reports and analytics
  • Offers and promo codes
  • Push notifications
  • Manage earnings
  • Manage feedbacks
  • Send mass push notifications

For the Delivery Professionals:

  • Document Submission
  • Online/Idle Status
  • Navigation
  • Accept/Reject the Request
  • Earnings

DoorDash also has a web interface that enables the same app features that help people place an order and manage their profiles.

Top 3 DoorDash App Development Companies:

  • Elluminati Inc: Elluminati Inc. is a DoorDash Clone app offering firm, which serves the ventures a first-class solution to stay afloat in the food delivery market.
  • Future Work Technologies: The company is best known for serving the DoorDash Clone App to many businesses by serving reliable solutions to sustain itself in the market.
  • Deonde: It is a company providing the exact match solution for the ventures to rise in the market. Many ventures can adapt their solutions to progress in the sector.

Cost to create a DoorDash Clone App

The cost to create a DoorDash Clone app can cost you higher prices. The cost to develop an app like DoorDash would also cost you higher. To know the accurate cost it would be suggestible to hire the experienced developing company. The cost to develop a DoorDash Clone app depends on the following parameters:

  • Location of the company
  • Functionalities & Features of an App
  • Developing Platforms
  • The total number of developers working

 The complexity of an application play a significant role in the pricing of an application the customer needs. The more features you add to your application, the more would be the complexity of an application, and hence the cost to create an app would go much higher.


To wrap this blog up, it is worth mentioning that the mobile food ordering business has become a fast-growing trend in the food industry. Since the technology for the food delivery app system continues to grow, the value of food delivery apps like UberEats soared to higher than expected.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A DoorDash Clone App?