How is Courier Integration Changing the Delivery Process?

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An efficient delivery process is one factor that gives the customer a hassle-free experience, which adds to your business’ value.

Courier companies have become increasingly important in this regard. Their expertise in the logistics business makes them a choice for small, medium, and large-sized companies to deliver to the customer and manage the supplies for the business.

What is Courier Integration?

While courier companies hold expertise in the logistics service, managing several courier services, maintaining their separate ledgers, amounts receivable, and efficiently placing orders on a timely basis for order fulfillment can be a tough job. It adds to administration costs and might also result in dissatisfied customers in late order fulfillment because of inefficiencies.

In this case, automating the courier services through a single platform helps businesses manage their courier services regardless of size.

Businesses can manage hundreds of daily orders through courier integrations which changes their delivery process for the better. Learn how courier integration is helping businesses make their delivery processes more efficient:

1.      Order Fulfilment Across Different Channels

If you own a Shopify, a WooCommerce store, or have stored on eCommerce platforms like Daraz, handling orders from multiple channels simultaneously can be quite challenging. However, Shopify courier integration and WooCommerce courier integration tools can help you fulfill your orders with a single click.

Delivery management previously required loading data onto courier portals. With courier integrations, it means that order fulfillment has become fully automated across multiple channels. Inventory is also managed automatically, and the issue of the order canceling because of inventory mismanagement is resolved.

As a result, the efficiency in the delivery processes increases the inventory turnover and profits.

2.      Order Tracking System

Automatically generated tracking IDs can help you as well as your customer to track where the parcel is. For the customer, it means increased convenience. In case of customer queries, the business can also inform the customer regarding the parcel’s delivery time.

It can also help collect sales data which can be utilized to make critical strategic decisions like marketing, warehousing, and physical expansion.

Printing shipping labels also becomes an automated process that assures that parcels are labeled appropriately. It adds to the business’ value, which might contribute to developing a loyal customer base. If the product quality is satisfactory, it all comes down to the ease associated with the delivery process for establishing a position in the e-commerce sector.

Seamless order fulfilling changes your delivery process and saves you costs of repetitive employee administration and delivery time. The order tracking feature is enabled on the website free of cost in some ERP systems, enhancing the customer experience without paying the developer.

Therefore, a courier API integration can lead to saving a lot of overhead costs, saving you money, and building a solid business reputation because of the customer’s hassle-free delivery experience.

3.      Automated Accounting System

When talking about cost-saving, courier integrations allow automated tracking of delivery costs and payments from cash-on-delivery options.

Handling ledgers of different courier companies and keeping track of receivables through an automated accounting system saves hundreds of hours of manual accounting. Therefore, saving costs and any issues in the accounts due to different payment days of multiple courier companies. Consequently, it helps streamline your accounts as well as operations.

Manual tasks can eat up your work hours if not simplified through automated systems, leaving little time to strategize for growing your business.

The e-Commerce Process Flow

Delivery service is a significant process in the e-Commerce process flow. From receiving an order to delivering an order, the time it takes for your business is critical to differentiate in the competitive business world, especially when competitors’ product offerings are all too similar.

In this case, charting a process flow and reducing the average time required to complete is one factor that adds to the customer experience. Courier integrations on ERP platforms allow businesses to maximize their potential and increase inventory turnover by providing a hassle-free, transparent, and timely delivery experience.

Thus, changing the delivery processes through automation increases profitability and saves labor costs, which allow a business to operate optimally. Now, isn’t that a goal worth investing in?


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How is Courier Integration Changing the Delivery Process?

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