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How Instagram Influences Style and Fashion Decisions

Instagram continues to grow as one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 700 million active monthly users. From a marketing stand point, it seems like it would be an ideal target for those in the fashion-marketing world.

But how well does Instagram work for marketing, specifically in the fashion space? With thousands of bloggers out there, and it seems like every store and magazine has an Instagram account these days, there seems to be a large market. Dana Rebecca Designs surveyed 2,000 Instagram users to understand how the platform influences style and fashion decisions.

72 percent of respondents have made a fashion-, style- or beauty-related purchase after seeing something on Instagram. The growing platform now has double the influence that Pinterest has on its users.

Take a look at the graphic to see how the platform is tapping into the fashion-marketing world.

The Fashion Impact of Instagram | Dana Rebecca Designs

Survey results on how instagram influences style and fashion buying decisions [infographic].

Each social media platform—Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.—are designed to connect users but some channels are better formatted than others for specific purposes. For sharing fashion, which is so reliant on visual presentation, platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the leaders in connecting the latest trends and hot looks with the masses. We surveyed 2,000 Instagram users to understand how the popular platform influences style and fashion decisions.

Anytime there is an abundance of something, the best versions rise to the top. Of the 2,000 responders, a whopping 85% follow accounts that are style-, fashion- or lifestyle-focused on Instagram. Of those, 90% are female while male followers make up 81%. It’s safe to say that Instagram is the favorite of fashion-forward fans, regardless of gender.

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Considering the high volume of users, it stands to reason that all the posts being shared will have an effect on the viewers. After seeing something on Instagram, 72% of respondents have made a fashion-, style- or beauty-related purchase. One in 3 respondents stated they have used Instagram inside a retail store to help their purchase decision. For companies, brands, designers, and marketers, that is product exposure you cannot ignore!

When asked which social media platform has the most influence on their shopping habits, half the respondents said Instagram, followed by mostly Facebook and Pinterest nearly splitting the other half (23% and 22%, respectively). However, 82% of those surveyed said they don’t use Instagram’s SHOP NOW feature. Considering how much visibility fashion has on Instagram, and how likely followers are to make a purchase, it’s surprising that this natural next step hasn’t caught on. Perhaps the SHOP NOW feature is too new and users are waiting for it to become more mainstream, but until then, Instagram certainly still has more influence than other social media platforms.

Instagram launched in 2010 so it’s not surprising that 89% of Instagram users are Millennials themselves. Having grown up in the digital age, Millennials are quick to adopt new technology and more open to sharing it via social media. Gen-Xers using Instagram are close behind with 82%, and Baby Boomers hover around 65%, proving that social sharing is now simply a ubiquitous part of modern life for any age.

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How Instagram Influences Style and Fashion Decisions

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