Facebook is the Future of eCommerce Brands
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Facebook is the Future of eCommerce Brands

Nobody in this world can deny the super addictive effect of Facebook. You all have at least one example of any of your friend or family member who is always on it. Oh, is that you too? Well, not a stunning thing. To be precise, the majority part of this world loves this social media platform and exists on it.

eCommerce cannot afford to miss this platform

For good business profits, it is necessary to stay connected to customers. For that, it is also necessary to take care of the things where the customers feel connected. Of course, Facebook is a good name to take as this is the platform where people share everything. They laugh, they cry, they smile, show anger, agitation, and whatnot on it. Even big protests took place on this platform and reached their desired results. A place where people feel so inspired and stimulated, how can the e-commerce brands miss that?

Facebook gives SOMETHING that E-commerce needs

Humans are social and emotional by nature and need to express in different ways. In addition, they like to flaunt their lifestyle and communicate their likes and dislikes.

Facebook gives ways that help in the liberal expression of feelings. E-commerce can really make good use of that.

  • Stories
  • Private messaging
  • Groups
  • Commerce

All these things are important for electronic commerce websites and brands. Let us get deep and know how these can help boost up the business.


Around 1 billion stories are shared on the group of apps that come under Facebook.  They are (as you all know Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Here story means ‘’Status’’. More than 56% of people on these sites share stories at least one time in a week.

Such things (stories) have a long-term impact and make people remember things by heart. These features give brands an opportunity to get faster responses. The call to action (swipe up etc.) thing inspires people to respond to advertisements.

Look around you, everywhere the market is creating stories. An advertisement for diamond jewelry does not come with a price tag or the features. It in fact starts and ends with a story that is sure to touch your heart. A father giving a gift to his daughter grown to a lady from a little angel. Sometimes a son gives a surprise to his mother from his first-ever salary. Stories are everywhere and they never get old or become outdated.

Private messaging

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct make personalized conversations possible. People can talk to not only to their family and friends but also businesses. Isn’t it a great chance to influence the customers. Also, it is a golden opportunity to know the absolutely personal details of a person, which helps in the modification and enhancement of products and services.

The number of messages sent on a daily basis –

  • 100 billion messages through the Facebook family of apps.
  • 20 billion messages happen between people and businesses.

This expands the possibilities of growth of brands due to better and individualized communication with people.


FB5 which is an upcoming release of Facebook is the new wave with complete focus on the Group based experiences. It aims the communication between communities. This is the platform where businesses and brands can engage with interest-based communities. 400 million people are expected to come on this commonplace and the level of exposure you can easily imagine.

This is sure to help brands stand as specialists and prove their importance in the eyes of the customers. This helps to master the art of not only communication but also win the hearts of the target people. Here everyone can feel connected and that is where everyone is sure to get something special and best.


Of course! Facebook has become a center of commerce too. Here, sales originate and transactions happen. It provides support for the shipping actions and creates a bridge between the buyer and sellers. The product catalog feature allows merchants to list their products and accept payments through the WhatsApp Business app.

Look at Instagram, how promising it acts for the businesses. From a food truck to a showroom of fitness equipment, every business can show its best version with the maximum possibility to touch the customer. In fact, to use this medium to maximum some businesses are even taking loans for instance – business loans for bad credit with no guarantor. They have many plans to implement and money is the prime need for that. Considering the promising nature of social media platforms, lenders are also acting liberal in their lending policies. These business loans are lucrative for e-commerce sites and are available beyond credit score status without obligation.

It is not difficult to track the followers of a certain product and then the other manufacturers too can find such people. It is easy to follow them and ask them to follow you back.

The sky is the limit when it comes to opportunities for businesses on Facebook. It is sure to become the best in the coming days too.

E-commerce has a close friend now! If you want to reach your target customers, Facebook is the new face in the trend. Explore, Experience and Exploit.

How Facebook is the Future of eCommerce Brands

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