How does Social Media help in Lead Generation for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly worldwide. The rising popularity of this industry is attracting individuals to create their own organizations. It can’t make anyone high but comes with plenty of medical benefits. It is now used for tension, pain, irritation, depression, and many other illnesses.

However, you have to think twice before getting into this industry. The cannabis industry is one of the most challenging industries to promote as social media restricts promoting any products related to cannabis. So, what to do now? Waiting till platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and others get their restrictions lifted?

No, you can use social media to get a high lead generation. You have to do your promotions very indirectly to stay on these websites. There are some unique ways available that can help you to take your products to social media sites. Here are some of them given below in detail to help you grow.

Effective Ways To Generate Lead Through Social Media

Lead generation is one of the significant advantages of social media marketing. The more leads you get, the better for your organization. However, you need customers to engage with your organization or products to make an impact. The interest in products helps to convert potential audiences into customers. Here are some of the ways you can use to increase lead generation.

1.    Influencer Marketing

This is one of the most trending marketing strategies now in the market. As the name suggests, you can take the help of influencer personalities in social media websites to market your products. In addition, it will help you to extend your reach and territory with the use of the influencer’s follower base.

Most influencer marketers are present on Facebook and Instagram. You can contact them and ask them to promote your organization. This way, you will be able to promote without coming into any law or restrictions. Also, make sure to use hashtags to enhance the outcome.

2.    Friendly Platforms

While most popular social media websites have strict rules and restrictions against the cannabis industry, others are friendly. People also use many websites to purchase cannabis. Although they are not as famous as Facebook or others, you can get some interested customers on these social media websites. Some of the social media platforms are given below.

  • Duby
  • MjLink
  • Leafwire
  • Canna SOS

3.    Stories

Stories are one of the popular social media tools. Among all the other platforms, stories are best on Instagram. You can use the stories to reflect your products and promote your business. More than 800 million users now use Instagram Stories every day, followed by 300 million users of Facebook. It is one of the creative and new ways to promote your cannabis organization and engage with customers.

Cannabis companies can use Instagram stories to narrate their internet-based life and other messages. Users love Instagram stories as they are vertical, vivid, and fun. So, you can use stories as a marketing tool to promote your web-based life. Try to make the stories visually appealing to look attractive to users.

4.    Connect With Audience

You have to extend your territory beyond the limit to reach all the potential customers. Many people misunderstand the cannabis industry. So, reaching out to every customer and helping them understand what it is about is one of the essential steps. You can use all of the social media websites to draw their attention toward your organization.

However, try to avoid posting much promotional content on social media platforms as selling cannabis products is restricted. It would be best to react promptly to make a relationship with the audience who showed interest in your business. Engaging and connecting with potential costumes are the best way to convert them.

5.    Use Youtube Videos

While most social media platforms have restrictions for cannabis-related marketing, you can use Youtube to target younger audiences and engage with them. Billions of users use Youtube daily to watch videos. As long as you are not selling cannabis through your videos, there are no restrictions.

You can create review videos, educational videos, and other videos on youtube. While educational videos will help them learn a lot about this industry, review videos will help them know more about the products. Product review videos are very popular on Youtube, and it is the perfect tool to demonstrate the product expertise.

6.    Facebook Page

You can create a Facebook page with all the details of the organization. It will be an alternate version of your website with contact, photos, news, and other information. Although, you need to be very cautious while using Facebook social media marketing as they have strict guidelines for cannabis-related products. The Facebook toolkit is also a very handful tool for marketing and increases the lead generation for your organization.


Social media platforms can help a lot for lead generation in the cannabis industry. Here are some of the most valuable ways to convert potential audiences into customers. You can learn the details from these options to engage with customers.


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How does Social Media help in Lead Generation for the Cannabis Industry

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