How Does Custom Software Serve As Growth Engine For Businesses?

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Software solutions are helping businesses for decades and now there is a new trend that has emerged for the companies that want to scale up and grow. Though off-the-shelf software can fulfill several purposes for the businesses, they may fall short when a business grows. In order to keep up with the pace, a custom software solution is a way to go. The key advantage of custom software solutions is that they are designed for individual businesses taking all their needs into considerations. By clearly determining how the software will be used, a company can make sure that it gets the exact solution that is needed for its business.

For businesses that want to grow and extend their operations, custom software development is becoming a popular choice. Companies are choosing custom packages for their business operations because this software enables the companies to leverage the facility of specific features needed for their business. Companies can decide what they want to include or not to include in the software packages with custom solutions.

Why choose custom software solutions?

Several vendors are providing ready-made software solutions that businesses can utilize for their processes and functions. The users or enterprises can buy this software off the shelf and after filling in some fields or going through the setup wizards, the application is ready to go. Such ready-made solutions include custom product design tools, ERP suites, CRM packages, collaboration systems, and e-commerce web portals where companies can showcase their products. And, with the emergence of cloud computing, there are many vendors who are providing intuitive ready-made cloud-based solutions that are provided on a pay-as-go basis.

However, off-the-shelf software do provide speed and ease of use, they are limited by the flexibility and functionality. Sometimes, this software may fail to serve the purpose completely for which they were installed or deployed. For worse, installing these applications may leave significant gaps between key processes or customer engagement making the whole system counterproductive.

Custom software is a tailored solution that is specifically designed for enterprises by considering specific functionalities necessary for the enterprises. The custom solution offers several benefits over ready-to-use applications. Such software not only include general functionalities but they are also loaded with particular preferences and expectations that are required in the app or suite. Ready-made software packages are one-size-fits-all solutions, so they fulfill general requirements, while custom solutions are built to cater to the specific needs of the enterprises.

Challenges that small and medium-size business faces in adopting custom solutions

Businesses receive many lucrative benefits with a custom software package, but they all often come with a high price tag.  Plus, it takes some time to obtain and set up the software. However, instances of enterprises paying for unnecessary functionalities and features are also too common with ready-made applications. Since every business is managed and structured in its own unique way, one business’s requirements may differ from others. When choosing custom software, enterprises pay only to the extent that they use the technology.

The enterprises would evaluate the total life cycle costs and the value they will receive to make the right choice. However, custom solutions can save a lot of bucks by ensuring improved efficiency in the long term. Though off-the-shelf applications may charge a lower upfront price, by investing in a custom software solution, enterprises can reap sustainable benefits throughout the software life cycle in terms of better productivity, improved efficiency, better sales and anything else that the software seeks to achieve.

Custom applications are completely optimized for objectives that they are built for. It enables these applications to do things in a much better way than the off-the-shelf software. One of the key advantages of custom solutions is that you can get instant support and assistance from the developing company in case of bugs of technical glitches.


When it comes to deploying a software solution for your business, you face two choices, ready-to-use software or a custom solution. No matter what type of business you run or what is its scale, a custom software solution is the best option to choose. This is because a custom software enables you to pick and include the functionalities in the package that suits your business needs. You can get tailored functions and features as per the requirement of your business.

Although a custom software pricey than off-the-shelf software, it provides higher benefits for a longer time in terms of better productivity, better sales, and improved efficiency. A custom application is customized accordingly to fit the needs and requirements of individual companies. In order to get unique and personalized solutions, custom software is a reliable option.

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How Does Custom Software Serve As Growth Engine For Businesses?

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