How Can PHP Empower Your Business Website in 2021

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The world of the internet is very similar to the universe. It might end somewhere, but we do not know where. Every day we see thousands of websites being introduced, and the tendency never seems to stop. However, do you ever get curious about how they are made? 

When choosing a programming language to build a website, the most challenging part is picking the suitable one. See what is common among all the popular websites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo. All these websites are developed using Php and offer an excellent user experience with a dynamic response. 

Such high-profile organizations rely on PHP because it provides efficiency and scalability along with other benefits. So If you are planning to create a website for your business, here are few reasons why you can consider PHP and hire PHP developers to achieve positive results. 

Let us start by talking about different aspects of the PHP programming language, its importance and benefits, and several other functions that make PHP the master of all other programming languages. 

What is PHP? 

PHP is the most commonly used server-side scripting language used for web development. It is an open-source language that stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is considered an effective technology that provides a convenient development process and several additional tools. 

Moreover, according to PYPL ( Popularity of programming language Index), PHP ranks as the fifth most popular coding language globally. Rasmus Lerdorf first created the language in 1994 as “Personal home page tools.” Further, in 1995, Rasmus expanded his suite to add more features and release the public source code. 

Unlike Javascript, which is a client-side language, PHP is server-side. When the browser requests information from the server, the server executes the code and forwards the result to the client. Generally, the output comes in an HTML file, although this can also include Javascript and CSS. The browser utilizes this information to create the web page. 

What can PHP do to your website?

Today almost 88% of the websites are built on Php. Below are some of the main advantages of PHP web development : 

  • Open Source 

The first thing that you need to know about PHP is that it is accessible in all senses. That is why developers in every corner of the world support PHP by working on it and bringing enhancements and new positive changes. Apart from this, unlike other programming languages, PHP has its own support. These factors result in new frameworks, components, and various tools that make the language even better. 

  • Scalability 

While building a website or a web application, the primary objective is to look forward to the project’s growth. Therefore, scalability is an essential factor as the website must grow and should be able to manage the increasing traffic. Websites that are developed using PHP can easily be extended by adding more servers when needed. More users are equal to more servers, and voila! You are done. 

  • High Speed 

Since PHP comes with its own memory, both workload and loading time are reduced. This results in high speed and performance, which is an advantage to the PHP developers and you. 

  • Security 

Many developers claim that since PHP is an open-source language, it is not secure enough. However, it is not valid. Any programming language can be vulnerable enough if not used properly. When you hire a PHP coder, make sure that he has expertise in maintaining the language’s security level. For Instance, One of the approaches used to avoid security breaches is to offer software testing. 

  • Cost-Efficient 

Due to the open-source feature of the PHP programming language does not require any expensive software to work with. Moreover, you would not need to pay any royalty fee or extra licenses while using PHP. The cherry on the cake is that PHP is absolutely free of cost because of the multiple integration options, reducing the development charges. 

  • Custom PHP Development 

The server-side PHP is the ultimate tool for creating customized websites. Developers can create web platforms based on Php that can match your exact project requirements. If combined with Javascript, you can even develop a functional and, at the same time, good-looking website. 

Why Do Companies Prefer PHP?

Not only this, we have listed reasons why so many popular websites prefer PHP over other programming languages. Below are some of the major ones :

PHP is still the master 

In the past years, PHP was considered the light and easy solution to web development. That is probably because of its rapid development to release cycle and easy deployment. This remains one of the most vital benefits of the PHP programming language. With the rising frameworks, PHP now has the power to perform more extraordinary things. PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Lamina, Symfony, Cake, Yii, and CodeIgniter can reshape the entire product with PHP.

These frameworks come with products and packages such as profiles, web socket servers, admin panel CRMs, etc., that create an ecosystem where PHP can work faster. You can also go beyond Content management systems like WordPress and create new tasks. 

PHP continues improving 

With time, many programming languages decline in quality. Although PHP yearly updates result in improvements. PHP is not just about database addition for the backend today. Many tasks such as redirection, integration with mobile and data gathering can be done with PHP. 

The language has become more efficient with time and can handle more diverse tasks. For commercial projects, PHP is an ideal choice. All thanks to its quick onboarding and light syntax. 

Faster and Easier

On average, it takes less time to deliver projects using PHP than any other programming language. Even If you are looking to hire PHP programmers, it is relatively easy to find one with expertise in PHP as compared to others. 

These are the crucial reasons organizations like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, and many other famous companies trust PHP to build their websites. 

Final Thoughts 

PHP is still relevant to build any website in 2021. From simple WordPress websites and landing pages to complex web platforms like Facebook, PHP has mastered everything. If you are still uncertain about PHP web development, you can seek technical insights from industry experts or a reliable web development company. 

How Can PHP Empower Your Business Website in 2021

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