How Blockchain Expedites Employment History Verification

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A normal verification process is not foolproof and has many flaws and human errors. In a traditional employment history verification, an aspiring candidate can easily prevent you from finding the correct information. Unfortunately, the situation is not so good because, in the USA only, over 60 percent of candidates do not put the correct information on their resumes to get their dream job. Why so? Around 48 percent of HR executives fail to validate employees’ relevant credentials due to the lack of resources.

How to fix this big issue? We can leverage Blockchain technology for employment history verification. It is reliable, efficient, fast, and cost-efficient. Let us check out how.

What is a Blockchain Ensured Certificate?

A certificate or document stored in a public Blockchain framework is known as a Blockchain ensured certificate. Once you put in all the system information, the certificate is transferred automatically to the Blockchain framework. Afterward, the certificate is available to round the clock from any location of the world. And it is tamper-proof.

All you have to do is fill in the credentials and request the Blockchain entry. After the request is processed, a digital copy of the document is sent to your email with the transaction details and credentials.

Anybody can use Blockchain-Enabled Verification.

  • Freelancers and job seekers can leverage the Blockchain platform to show reliable proof of educational and professional certificates.
  • Colleges and universities can leverage it to award and manage tamper-proof certificates.
  • Businesses can verify credentials within a few hours in a contact-less manner.
  • Hide all the details of verifying party to prevent bias

What is in Store for Candidates?

Job candidates can use their already verified professional and educational documents through Blockchain to apply for new jobs worldwide. A Blockchain-verified resume can command more credibility and attention among the massive pool of job applications. Hence, it can easily increase your job prospects. It would also help the hiring manager to reject ineligible job candidates efficiently.

It can also help in enhancing the hiring process transparency and encourage fair competition between candidates. You can also use it to prevent whataboutery and casual allegations of favors.

What is the Future of Blockchain-Ensured Certification?

With work from home jobs becoming the new normal all over the world. The gig economy is all set to grow at a faster pace shortly. Employees will take up multiple jobs and have a large set of skills and experiences. Hence, physical validation of every bit of information will become an almost impossible proposition for organizations globally. A Blockchain-enabled background verification process can only help in such scenarios for reliable validation of all the documents.

In Summary

The increasing number of organizations will also leverage Blockchain for employee background verification processes as it is more reliable, feasible, and affordable. As a result, businesses will enjoy the reliability, efficiency, and affordability of Blockchain technology for employee background verification in the long run.

How Blockchain Expedites Employment History Verification

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