How are eCommerce Brands Taking Advantage of Shoppable UGC?

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How are eCommerce Brands Taking Advantage of Shoppable UGC?

In this age of social media, brands are working hard towards leveraging as much as they can through social content. 

Brands are shifting from talking about themselves to letting their customers talk about the brand through user-generated content like posts, reviews, or stories. With the rise of social media through the years, the recital of marketing has evolved, too.

Customers trust customers. And utilizing user-generated content is a great way to gain the trust and credibility of customers. eCommerce brands are taking great advantage of shoppable UGC and are seeing a considerable increase in revenue and exposure.

Before we begin to talk about how eCommerce brands take advantage of shoppable UGC, here’s a definition of what precisely shoppable UGC means.

What Does Shoppable UGC Mean?

User-generated content as a concept is related to web promotions. Any content created or posted by an individual unrelated to your brand can be considered user-generated. 

These individuals can be customers, brand employees, product users, and influencers or fans. 

UGC can be content such as images, comments, videos, reviews, and testimonials, and as for shoppable UGC, it is social content of those products the brand is selling. E-commerce brands can use this content to display as a catalog and add it as a shoppable gallery to their webpage. 

Sounds impressive, right? Well, it is. And there any many advantages to doing this. So let us give you more about it.

How Brands Are Taking Advantage Of Shoppable UGC

E-commerce brands are using UGC extensively. Brands are now aware that the traditional ways to showcase a brand have yet to give the results they used to. 

Audiences want to see actual content and feel inclusive, and the only way for brands to up their game is by delivering compelling content to their customers.

There are many great advantages of using shoppable UGC. Stay with us on this blog to know more.  

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Creating A Catalogue From UGC

We know that user-generated content is the best form of content. However, when it comes to eCommerce brands, customers expect brands to provide an unmatchable shopping experience because when shopping online, customers can’t physically be in the store to see the product. 

ECommerce brands are creating a digital catalog of shoppable UGC for customers to give them a more realistic look at the product. UGC allows users to see the product’s appearance without touch-ups.

Creating A Fan Base

The Holiday Season is ahead, and so many brands are running full-fledged campaigns to retrieve user-generated content of shoppable products and capitalize on this content to create popularity and a fan base. 

Brands are going overboard with utilizing their popularity on social media. They are running hashtag campaigns and collaborating with influencers to create topical buzz.  

Using It As Social Proof

Social proof is a virtue that can help eCommerce brands gain the trust and confidence of their audience. And user-generated content is what delivers that social proof to the customers. 

Every product user’s review, post, video, or story amounts to a more significant difference for the brand. Shoppable UGC helps build trust and credibility for the brand’s products that need to be leveraged. 

When you look at the exponentially growing eCommerce sector, you only realize that content is the new form of advertising. 

Online stores or eCommerce brands are increasingly increasing their content on social media, integrating it into their websites, and using this content for advertising on social media. 

Social media channels are even working towards giving advanced features for brands to create fully functioning eCommerce stores in-app.

Even though new eCommerce brands are emerging and growing every day, the revenue position of eCommerce is stronger than ever. This is because brands have the freedom and resources to experiment and advertise what engages their customers.


The increasing amount of UGC on the web has an enormous potential to help out eCommerce brands while also resolving one of the most significant issues of the content sector stirring the marketers today: to create good content for a brand that can be used for an ample of things – ads, social proofs, branding, and promotions. 

Making shoppable user-generated content the focal point is an amazing technique to generate so much content and use it differently to your advantage. 

Brands are forming meaningful connections with the audience, creating a fan base, and using shoppable user-generated content to grow. As more consumers choose online shopping over retail shopping runs, UGC is a mandatory part of any brand’s marketing strategy and is becoming crucial. 

It brings greater significance and inclusivity for consumers looking for real shopping experiences, effectively taking them from the point of inspiration to the point of purchase.

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