How App Like Talabat Makes Your Business Customer-Centric

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How App Like Talabat Makes Your Business Customer-Centric

Nowadays, the customers are demanding ease in fulfilling their daily requirements as there is a lot of time spent with the earlier system of handling the business. Therefore, the entrepreneurs also need to fulfill their requirements by searching out the perfect solution to their venture’s issue. 

Thus, the solution for such issues came into the market after some time. The business was transformed fully into a new form—the entrepreneurs and the customers simultaneously liked this solution, which became trending in a few years. Every business vertical was enabled with this solution for solving their particular issues.

The progress in the businesses in UAE was remarkable consistently. Especially when the apps in the food delivery market were launched in the market, these apps received a great response from the public. Thus, the food delivery market in UAE is expected to reach the expected figure of 32.7% by 2025. 

Similarly, all businesses were introduced to the app solutions. The delivery businesses in UAE were also modernized through apps. Those apps were Swiggy, Zomato, Talabat, FoodPanda, etc. Talabat was the only app that ruled the delivery market of the UAE.

The company is a delivery company that serves the delivery services of food and groceries to the people of the Middle Eastern countries. Later, the firm took its name up quickly and acquired shares in the UAE delivery market up to 74% in the first quarter of 2021.

Thus, it excited the local entrepreneurs to build an app like Talabat for food delivery services which could probably boost their profit margins.

How Does Talabat Work?

The firm was founded and headquartered in Kuwait in 2004 and operating its business for 18 years. Currently, the company serves 9 Middle Eastern countries. The company was previously called by a Semi-Arabic name ‘6alabat’, doing the trading and contracting service. 

Later the name of the company changed its name to Talabat, which serves grocery and food delivery services in the Middle East. It provided the customers with an outstanding food ordering experience. The customer can order food by applying the search filters on the various cuisines of the restaurant available. 

Due to the increasing demands of Talabat in the Middle East, the local entrepreneurs got the idea of developing their app like Talabat through which they can grow their business efficiently.

List Of Companies Providing Talabat Like App:

To develop an app like Talabat, you need to specify your business requirements and ideas, which you want to implement through an app. Following are the companies mentioned which can provide you with an app suitable for your businesses:


The company serves an app like Talabat to its clients. It delivers a soothing solution for the business to rise in the market. However, the company is best known for its after-development support to its clients. 


Acanyon is an on-demand app development company that gives many businesses the Talabat-like app development solution. The company is also renowned for its reliable solution to its clients. They also provide the best possible support to the client even after development time.

Elluminati Inc

The company is delivering an app like Talabat to many businesses. The company has expertise in serving Top-Notch app development to their clients for their business to progress in the market. They are also known for delivering on-time services to their clients.

Thus, by analyzing the above-given companies, you might have found a suitable firm according to your requirements and budgets.

How It Proves To Be Customer-Centric?

Many specifications of an application prove an app to be Customer-centric. The meaning of the customer-centric app means the customer gets the features that satisfy the purposes of the customer. Following are the features which make an app customer-centric:

Order By Scanning QR Code:

Since the pandemic outbreak, the people’s priority has changed to some extent. They prefer to avoid contact to avoid getting infected by the virus. To satisfy their priorities, the app provides the order by scanning QR code features in an app through which they can browse QR codes for accessing the menu without any contact with it.

Contactless Delivery:

The fear of getting infected by a virus has reached like nothing else. Therefore, the Contactless Delivery feature gives a huge relief to the customers. In this feature, the delivery man serves the delivery by keeping away the meal package from him at the consumer’s doorsteps so that the customers experience the safe delivery of the package. 

Real-Time Tracking Of Delivery:

The customer can track the delivery through the maps provided in an app. The real-time tracking feature shows the customer the current location of the delivery professional and an estimated time to get an idea about when their ordered food would get delivered.

Parting Words:

Thus, you can develop a food and grocery delivery app like Talabat as there is a use of an app being promoted by the public due to the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it’s the right time now to create and launch an application and can start generating revenue from it very soon.

How App Like Talabat Makes Your Business Customer-Centric